Scrabble is my favorite game and I have to say I am pretty good at it! I almost ALWAYS win, it must be from all the practice, I used to have it on my cell phone and would play it EVERY night before I went to sleep or actually when I could not sleep when I was pregnant with Vincent. I pretty much learned every trick in the book. My husband actually gives me props for how good I am at it, which is big coming from him. He is always the smart and tricky one at games but not against me in Scrabble!

Well it was rainy and we were bored so we decided to play... well here is what our game looked like at the end... 

 Does anyone see anything wrong with this???

Maybe in the top right corner...

 There are two things- First of all AQUIT-----U is the free letter 
and then QUAF

Those were my husbands and we kept track of the words and later checked them... and boy did we have a good laugh! QUAF is actually spelled QUAFF....

And of course AQUIT is ACQUIT 

Now you may think my husband cannot spell but he is truly the smartest person I know, but we died laughing and he totally cheated with these 2! 

I was the real winner of the game! :) Once again! 

But the laughter from the misspellings and cheating antics were the best part of the game.... 

Until next time....xoxo


  1. We totally need to play games sometime. It would be some mad crazy competition!!! Except I would suck at scrabble I cannot spell to spell to save my life!

  2. I have memories of my mom and my grandpa playing scrabble all the time. I never got good at it, but they got so into it they made it look fun!

  3. My favorite memories are when my husband and I used to play scrabble all the time (BK...before kids). Now we just settle for Words with Friends on our iphones :)

    Thanks for the follow. My boys are two years and nine months apart and they are best friends. I love it and you will love being the princess of the house. Congrats!