Trip to the fair...and 37 weeks! :)

What's better than the fair's greasy fries, lemonade and elephant ears?! NOT MUCH! I love getting my hands on some good fair cuisine! Even though laying in bed typing this my stomach is letting me know I am paying for it...or maybe its contractions! HA! It's the food for sure! 

We decided to take Vincent to the State Fair today, mostly because it was a nice cool day with a good breeze and it was a weekday so we figured the crowds would not be bad! Plus being 37 weeks pregnant I did not think it would be fun to go next week when it's in the 90's....YUCK! It was the perfect afternoon to go! 

We had a really great time, we mostly just checked out the animals and then ate some goodies, there is not much for a 15 month old to do but he enjoyed it as much as he could! I cannot wait to one day watch him on the big huge slides and all the crazy swings! He will LOVE it! But I think he had a good intro to the fair! He enjoyed the Lemonade, which is truly my favorite part! The funny thing is we could so make it at home but I think it is something about getting it when you are burning up from walking around and it just tastes divine! I mean come on all it is, is lemons, water and LOTS of sugar, but you can NEVER go wrong with it from the fair!

I love all the carnies at all the random games trying to reel you in with their chatter, the one guy made a comment towards me (I think he was one of those guys who guessing age/weight things), Anyways he said I am guessing she is going to have that baby in 4 days! HA We of course just kept walking...but in 4 days we will know if he is really psychic! If so maybe we can go back and ask for lottery numbers! :) 

Totally kidding but we are 37 weeks today! INSANE! I felt like Vincent would come early and of course he was late so I am guessing Luke will be the same, so I am not trying to get my hopes up! It is very hard not to be thinking about it constantly and to not have every tiny cramp make me secretly wish that THIS IS IT! I am also nervous as to HOW it will happen this time! With Vincent I was a week late and was technically "induced" even though I would not consider it that! I went in to be induced under the notion of trying every natural thing possible before any drugs! Well them breaking my water did the trick and sent me right into labor, I was already 3 cm when I went in. But I am just nervous as to what will happen this time! Time will tell but I am not expecting anything to happen within these next 21 days! But I will keep you updated on dilation and all that jazz...and I will be having my membranes stripped every visit here on out, even though it did nothing last time, I am still skeptical!

Well that is all for now, I am tired as can be! Vincent was sick last night, and slept with us, which means NO SLEEP for mommy, I love him being cuddled in my arms asleep but it is so hard to get comfy with him and my HUGE belly so I am looking forward to having my side of the bed to MYSELF tonight! :)

Here are some pics from the fair!


How can you not laugh at this! He was cracking us up!

Checking out the sheep

My 2 boys!

Nice Pony!

No clue :)

Here mom, have some elephant ear!

The littlest things make Vincent the happiest! He loved ducking under the branches!


I would say Vincent had a good time...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo

The perfect shoes for my Vincent!! IN LOVE!!! :)

I found these shoe maker a few months back and was obsessed since the company is named "Vincent Shoes", how perfect! I had originally almost ordered these boots for my Vincent when they were 40% off but good thing I waited because today they were 75% off  (only 8.45) so I ordered two pairs in larger sizes! My total with shipping was only $26.90! The shoes originally retail for 33.95, therefore I saved a ton and shipping was $10 so they would have cost 43.95 originally with shipping!! So I would say I made out like a bandit!


 They have tons of SUPER CUTE shoes for boys and girls and they are really well rated for new walkers! 

Visit Vincent Shoes for their summer clearance sale! Let me know if you find anything fun!!!


Family Date Night!!

Last night we went to The Melting Pot with our friends! We had a total blast spending time with them! Vincent came along on our date night and did amazing! Daddy even took him on a little adventure before dessert! Hilarious!! Here are the pics!

Who invited this guy!? :)

There we go... we will claim you now Harold! :) You guys are too stinking cute!

Me and Jordan! <3

Little man intrigued by the pot steaming!

The steam was cracking Vincent up!

My boys!

Caught Vincent looking crazy... but I love Jordan's smile toward Vincent!

So after the 3 courses Vincent was a tad antsy, so Jordan took him outside... well this is how they came back... SOAKING WET!!

Dessert then arrived just in time for the boys to grab some after their water adventure!

Vincent and Jordan ate their share standing up...hence the chocolate on Jordan's shirt! haha! I love him!

Jordan decided to take V back to the water adventure while we waited for the bill... this is what we walked out to! HAHA Where is Vincent!? :)

He was going to town! He was the smallest kid running around! It was HILARIOUS!

We will be sure to take him back! He loved it!

Water fun is over... time to head home! :) 

Vincent slept like a rock last night! We had a great family date night! Looking forward to the next! 

Maternity Pictures!!!

We met with my friend Chrissy this weekend and she shot some maternity pictures for us! She did an amazing job! I love them! Sorry there are not a lot of face shots as my face feels like a blimp haha! I hope you ENJOY them as much as I did! Thanks again Chrissy! 

Luke, feel free to come any day now that our pictures are complete! :) :)

Picture 26

Picture 25

Picture 31

Picture 29

Picture 1

Picture 101

Picture 102

Picture 107

Picture 105

Picture 12

Picture 13

Picture 19

Picture 18

Picture 16

Holy Moley- 36 weeks and Mission Monster Frames Complete!

We are in the final weeks!!

I cannot believe we are this close to meeting Luke! I am so excited! With Vincent I went overdue, so I am not really expecting to go before August 20th, but would not mind if it happened (hint hint Luke!) :) 

My nesting has finally kicked in! HA! My husband will be so excited! He said the other day "When is that nesting going to kick in" because I wanted to do NOTHING at killed me to get up and do laundry but now I am all about doing laundry and cleaning! This totally helps for potential showings of the house! Lots of pluses come from my nesting! :) I started last night on Vincent's monster paintings for his big boy room and his letters!

 I actually suprisingly got the paintings done today...Here they are!

I cannot wait to get moved and actually get his room done, but at least I will have the time consuming stuff done!

Well here are some 36 weeks pics for you all! We are planning on meeting with my friend and favorite photographer Chrissy this weekend to do some family maternity pics! :) She has done all of Vincent's photos and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with this time... she is amazing! 

Vincent and I took these pics with the timer on my camera so they are not the best but they work! :)

This one cracks me up... he climbed up on the couch to watch me!

Me and my 2 boys!

Little Luke we cannot wait to meet you!! :) 

I wish you all an amazing weekend! I will be here nesting and spending time with my boys! I guess I should maybe consider packing my bag for the hospital sometime?! Maybe I will get to that this weekend as well! 


Project: Vincent's Big Boy Room!

Well I decided to start on Vincent's Big Boy room! I had put it off since we are moving but I figured I should get some of the crafty time consuming things done! We ran over to the craft store and picked up all the supplies, lots of paint, brushes, photo frames and letters! 

I am going to paint cute monsters and frame them and then paint his name letters in the same colors! 

Here is one of the monsters I just finished... it is still wet so it's shiny and needs a few touch ups, but here is a sneak peek of them! 

I am not an artist by any means but I want this "childish" look of painting for his room, since he is a child haha!

Wordless Wednesday - This is what boys do....right?

Debbie Downer is Lurking Near! UGGGGH

I usually post about the good things in my life, which there are tons of and I am so grateful but lately I have had this negative bug in me that is truly getting the best of me... It is like no matter what I do I am focusing on the negative! Whether it be that I do not feel well, or the house is messy, or Vincent is not happy, I have been focusing on the downside versus the good things that are ALL around me! I need to get out of this slump I am in! I talked to Jordan a lot about it tonight and he fully gets it and is so great with talking me through it but when he is gone for work I just feel like I am alone and consumed by these things!

All I can think of lately is:
When will the next showing be, so I know when does the house needs to be perfect?
When will the house sell?
When will we find our next house?
When will Luke arrive?
When will I stop waking up every hour to pee!!!! (I know the answer to this one!)
Will labor be as easy as it was with Vincent?
Will there be complications?
Will Luke be healthy?
Will I be able to handle 2 babies when Jordan has to travel?
Will I have the sanity for two babies?
What will I do on nights like tonight when Vincent was so tired he was a complete and utter terror right before bed, how will I be able to wrangle him into his crib if I have Luke in my hands?
Why are there horrible drivers on the road?
How does the kitchen get so messy, I swear I just cleaned it!
Why does my dog not listen to me!!?

Pretty much anything negative that can run through my head does!


I just feel like these are the only things fluttering through my mind and it is eating me up!

What I should be thinking and NEED to be thinking is:
The house will sell!
We will find the perfect house for us!
We are moving because Jordan has an amazing job!
We are in a much better position all around for Lukes arrival
Labor was not that bad and chances are it will be easier
If I have complications, I WILL be fine!
Luke will arrive when he is ready to come out! :)
Luke will be perfectly healthy just like Vincent was!
I CAN and WILL be able to handle both babies 
I will learn how to handle both kids in time!
Accept things for what they are, and brush it off!
HE IS A DOG, not a rocket scientist! 

IT WILL ALL WORK OUT... It always has! 

Vincent is actually a piece of cake of a toddler! He minds his own business and keeps to himself so it is kind of funny that I am even stressing about him! Its just my negative outlook looking for something to target and blow out of proportion! 

One of the best things is I do not have to question my marriage, I know it is STRONG as a rock...if I can become as confident in the rest of my life, I know I will be fine 

My goal from here on out is to actually PRAY about my issues I have been having! And I told Jordan even though prayer sounds easy it really is not... it's not like I can just ask God once to take care of my problems, it will be a LONG process with Him and I to deal with these problems and find solutions!

Jordan reminded me tonight that "Nothing worth having comes easy", it was a line in Scrubs! I love that show! But anyway...I just need to work at it... because I am the type of person to just brush it off or just watch tv to take my mind off of it, but it is now time to step up and confront these issues inside myself. Once I do I know that I will be a much better person!

It is actually ironic because Kasey from A Little Cup of Comfort actually posted a post about this on her blog and it seriously hit home to me! She also attached this poem which is PERFECT for me and this whole situation!

An Old Cherokee Teaches His Grandson About Life.

 "A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy. 
"It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.  This same fight is going on inside you - and inside every other person, too."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather which wolf would win.

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

Thank you so much Kasey not only for the post but the poem!

Sorry for the rant but that is why I made this get things off my chest! Usually it is cheery but today it is more real for me! I think it is just all hitting me these last few weeks before Luke... I think it is just that our living situation is in limbo and I am just so anxious to see what it is all going to be like! I just want to be at the end point with Luke in our arms and all the house drama over with! I just want to be in our new place cuddled up with my boys! But its easier said than done... If only I could click my fingers like a genie! 

Thanks for reading my rant! :) xoxo

Something CHEERY for you all who read my "downer" of a post is another "Mommy Following" act that Vincent does...

He seriously MOCKS me all the time!! The other day he was in a bathroom drawer and pulled out a make up brush and lid to powder (I mix two colors of powder on a lid typically) Well he took the brush and spun it in the lid and brushed it on his face....I ALMOST DIED IN LAUGHTER! Mostly because he does not see me do make up all that often since I rarely get ready anymore! But it was HILARIOUS!!

We had to go downstairs and show Daddy!

Seriously how can I not be happy and excited when this is what I have in front of me every day! I have a son who literally cracks me up and makes me want to pee my pants (which is very easy at this point)! These are the moments that need to be the center of my day and focus!

Later this week I will post the "HEADBAND" craze he is going through! My oh my!! :) 


Disappearing Watermelons!

Within minutes of watermelon being cut in the kitchen Vincent is usually at my feet letting me know he wants some...NOW! :) Then we have my husband who LOVES watermelon, and he will dominate the entire bowl and then some, well within a day a whole watermelon is usually demolished in my house, 2 days if we are lucky. Tonight Jordan showed Vincent how to eat it like a big boy!

It went a little something like this...

Let me stick my finger in it! 

Here watch Daddy! Vincent sucking the juice off his finger haha! 

One more finger poke for good measures...

And we have made contact!!!


Needless to say Vincent and I will have to run to the grocery to get more watermelon for the week ahead! :) 

Hope everyone else is enjoying the watermelon as much as we are! It is VERY TASTY this year!

Have a great week everyone! xoxo