34 weeks, Then and now....

Tomorrow I am officially 34 weeks pregnant! I had my appointment today and sitting in the room waiting for my midwife it ALL started to hit me! WOW Luke will be here in 6 weeks, I started to get giddy and excited, not that I have not been but the second time around is way different.

At this time with Vincent we had just gotten back from our "baby moon" in San Francisco! This time we are BUSY as can be with Vincent...I am still in shock that I flew across the country and we toured that whole city in 2 days! I was BEAT! I cannot imagine all that walking this time around...I get tired walking around the block let alone up the fricking mountain hills that make San Francisco so special! haha

Last time we had just had our baby shower and I was busy putting together his nursery and organizing all his new things! This time I am not doing any of that, we have EVERYTHING and more already here. The only thing I have bought is more clothes, as if he needed any but I want him to have a few things that are "all his"!

Last pregnancy we were reading EVERY single book on natural labor and having meetings with our doula. This time, I am doing none of that! Last time I was terrified wondering if I would be a good mother, this time I already know that I am (at least I think so! :) ). Last time I was wondering how much our life would change...I now know, it completely changed, it is now full and complete!

 Last time I was terrified of labor, it HURT but flew by and I am still standing!! Last time I was terrified of holding a newborn and changing diapers, now I could do it in my sleep! Last time I wondered what I would do in all the worst case scenarios, well I stressed for nothing because they never happened. All the things that I was terrified of last time are now things I am looking forward to!

I do not care if I only get a few hours of sleep, I do not care if I look a complete mess, I do not care if the house is messy, I do not care that my chest will once again become HUGE, all I care about is that Luke will be here with us and that our family of 3 will be a family of 4. Luke will only bring more happiness to our family, which is hard to believe as I feel our happiness is at an all time high! 

Here we are today...

I am so excited to meet Luke in +/- 6 weeks!! I cannot wait to see all the differences and similarities he has to Vincent. I cannot wait for Vincent to become a BIG brother! I cannot wait to see Jordan's face again when he gets to hold his newborn son! I am beyond excited and look forward to it all! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for these last few weeks of pregnancy!

Hope you all have an amazing end to your week and a GREAT WEEKEND!!


  1. Good luck to you on your second birth! In my experience, the second one is much easier simply because you're less stressed. I felt much more calm and prepared when I was in labor with my second. Enjoy your little one when the time arrives!


  2. You look amazing!!! Really, I wish at 34 weeks I looked and felt that good! Good luck the next few weeks and just enjoy! =)

  3. You look so good! Hope the next few weeks are a little calmer. Best of luck in labor :-) Looking forward to seeing pics of Luke

  4. I'm excited for our second! I'm working on his Jew name RIGHT NOW