Family Date Night!!

Last night we went to The Melting Pot with our friends! We had a total blast spending time with them! Vincent came along on our date night and did amazing! Daddy even took him on a little adventure before dessert! Hilarious!! Here are the pics!

Who invited this guy!? :)

There we go... we will claim you now Harold! :) You guys are too stinking cute!

Me and Jordan! <3

Little man intrigued by the pot steaming!

The steam was cracking Vincent up!

My boys!

Caught Vincent looking crazy... but I love Jordan's smile toward Vincent!

So after the 3 courses Vincent was a tad antsy, so Jordan took him outside... well this is how they came back... SOAKING WET!!

Dessert then arrived just in time for the boys to grab some after their water adventure!

Vincent and Jordan ate their share standing up...hence the chocolate on Jordan's shirt! haha! I love him!

Jordan decided to take V back to the water adventure while we waited for the bill... this is what we walked out to! HAHA Where is Vincent!? :)

He was going to town! He was the smallest kid running around! It was HILARIOUS!

We will be sure to take him back! He loved it!

Water fun is over... time to head home! :) 

Vincent slept like a rock last night! We had a great family date night! Looking forward to the next! 


  1. Looks like a fun time! So nice you were able to get out for a fun night pre-baby #2! Love the pics of your little man in the water - too fun.

  2. I love the Melting Pot... the desserts are amazing! Looks like Vincent had a great time too!