Holy Moley- 36 weeks and Mission Monster Frames Complete!

We are in the final weeks!!

I cannot believe we are this close to meeting Luke! I am so excited! With Vincent I went overdue, so I am not really expecting to go before August 20th, but would not mind if it happened (hint hint Luke!) :) 

My nesting has finally kicked in! HA! My husband will be so excited! He said the other day "When is that nesting going to kick in" because I wanted to do NOTHING at all....it killed me to get up and do laundry but now I am all about doing laundry and cleaning! This totally helps for potential showings of the house! Lots of pluses come from my nesting! :) I started last night on Vincent's monster paintings for his big boy room and his letters!

 I actually suprisingly got the paintings done today...Here they are!

I cannot wait to get moved and actually get his room done, but at least I will have the time consuming stuff done!

Well here are some 36 weeks pics for you all! We are planning on meeting with my friend and favorite photographer Chrissy this weekend to do some family maternity pics! :) She has done all of Vincent's photos and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with this time... she is amazing! 

Vincent and I took these pics with the timer on my camera so they are not the best but they work! :)

This one cracks me up... he climbed up on the couch to watch me!

Me and my 2 boys!

Little Luke we cannot wait to meet you!! :) 

I wish you all an amazing weekend! I will be here nesting and spending time with my boys! I guess I should maybe consider packing my bag for the hospital sometime?! Maybe I will get to that this weekend as well! 



  1. The nesting instinct hit me just before I went into labor with T. J., I was changing the sheets, making the beds, it sounds like it will be close. The monster pictures are darling, as are the pictures of the two of you. :)

  2. Those monster paintings are so cute! you could sell those things!