Project: Meals for Luke's Arrival!! & White Chicken Chili Recipe!

I decided to make a ton of meals for when Luke arrives in +/- 6 weeks, as last time around we did not do this and I am not one to sit around and allow others to cook for me, even days after birth so I was up and cooking dinners! I will add that my husband was helpful and took care of the grocery shopping and a few meals, but I do not want either of us to do ANYTHING this time around! Because I want him to be able to focus on work and both of us to focus on Vincent and Luke. I want the meals done, and the grocery list to be small and easy! So this week I started meals! 

So far I have:

Broccoli Cheese Soup
Chicken Broccoli Ziti
White Chicken Chili 
Double Tree Hotel Cookies (recipe link at end of post)

I should have kept track and taken pictures of all the recipes, but I just jumped into most of them! I snapped a few shots of my White Chicken Chili which is AMAZING by the way! So here is my recipe! 

Mommy Gator's White Chicken Chili

What you will need:

I always use a crock pot to keep it warm.

First chop your onions, garlic and peppers and sauté in the olive oil

While those are cooking pour broth, corn, beans and chilies into the crock pot.

Boil your chicken, once cooked - shred it. Set aside.

Once the soup base (broth and others) are warm I add in the spices, sour cream and cheese. I allow the cheese to melt as much as it can before adding other ingredients. 

Add your onions, garlic and peppers to the soup, then last add the chicken.

You can serve right away or just leave in the crock pot for later!

Also add more spices if you like, I always add more and when serving I add crumbled tortilla chips to the top! 


Also if you have ever stayed at a Double Tree hotel, you know which cookies I am referring to. Well I found a recipe online and they taste almost alike!! Here it is! 

If you have any ideas or recipes let me know! I am planning to do 2-3 meals a week until he arrives! 

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! xoxo


  1. The most amazing cookies ever...they give them to their hotel guests when you arrive...WARM! But this recipe is exact and amazing!

  2. Did you just add the pic? Because I swear it wasn't there when I asked. lol. It looks so yummy.

  3. Yes i did! :) Figured it would help people imagine what they taste like! :)

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