Project: Vincent's Big Boy Room!

Well I decided to start on Vincent's Big Boy room! I had put it off since we are moving but I figured I should get some of the crafty time consuming things done! We ran over to the craft store and picked up all the supplies, lots of paint, brushes, photo frames and letters! 

I am going to paint cute monsters and frame them and then paint his name letters in the same colors! 

Here is one of the monsters I just finished... it is still wet so it's shiny and needs a few touch ups, but here is a sneak peek of them! 

I am not an artist by any means but I want this "childish" look of painting for his room, since he is a child haha!


  1. your picture didn't upload? We can't see the new big boy room! ;)

  2. I just uploaded the monster pic! lol We have to sell our house and move and buy again before I can do the whole room! :(