The start of my Bucket List!

I saw this one of the blogs that I follow, Strawberry Fields and I have been wanting to make a Bucket List for sometime, now I am going to follow in her steps and do this in a few posts as the original task was 100 items for your Bucket List...I will start with 25.

1. Raise strong independent children
2. Have a baby girl named Lilly Ann! :)
3. Sponsor a family every Christmas (Going 2 years strong)
4. Travel to Rome
5. Attend the Olympics, preferably summer ones
6. Have all my babies natural (so far so good)
7. Take a family vacation every year
8. Get my standing tuck back
9. Learn to take people and things for what they are.
10. Plant a garden with the kids every year
11. Never lose touch with my best friends, even across the states.
12. Swim with Dolphins (I have done this but next time I want to have them drag me in the water!)
13. Run a 5k and Half Marathon- I know it is not much but I HATE running!
14. Learn to Ski
15. Visit all 50 states
16. Volunteer every year for Special Olympics events
17. Go on a train ride through Rocky Mountaineer of Canada
18. Change someone's life
19. Go to Vegas
20. Attend the Kentucky Derby and get a HUGE hat! 
21. Travel to Ireland
22. Donate my hair
23. Adopt a child
24. Take a photography class
25. Start a charity

That is all for now...

Vincent and I will be hitting the road with Papa for a few days, figured we might as well travel with him while we can! :) Be back to the blogging world later this week! Have a great week everyone! xoxo


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  2. I'm so glad you decided to jump in on the bucket list idea! Great list - you will see #5 and #20 on one of my next lists! Have fun traveling this week!

    sorry- something was weird when i tried post the first comment?

  3. I'll say a prayer for your trip! Have fun.
    Big Fat Mama

  4. Stop by my blog when you get back - i gave you an award!

  5. Wht a great list! I love it. I may have to follow your lead on this one!