Trip to the fair...and 37 weeks! :)

What's better than the fair's greasy fries, lemonade and elephant ears?! NOT MUCH! I love getting my hands on some good fair cuisine! Even though laying in bed typing this my stomach is letting me know I am paying for it...or maybe its contractions! HA! It's the food for sure! 

We decided to take Vincent to the State Fair today, mostly because it was a nice cool day with a good breeze and it was a weekday so we figured the crowds would not be bad! Plus being 37 weeks pregnant I did not think it would be fun to go next week when it's in the 90's....YUCK! It was the perfect afternoon to go! 

We had a really great time, we mostly just checked out the animals and then ate some goodies, there is not much for a 15 month old to do but he enjoyed it as much as he could! I cannot wait to one day watch him on the big huge slides and all the crazy swings! He will LOVE it! But I think he had a good intro to the fair! He enjoyed the Lemonade, which is truly my favorite part! The funny thing is we could so make it at home but I think it is something about getting it when you are burning up from walking around and it just tastes divine! I mean come on all it is, is lemons, water and LOTS of sugar, but you can NEVER go wrong with it from the fair!

I love all the carnies at all the random games trying to reel you in with their chatter, the one guy made a comment towards me (I think he was one of those guys who guessing age/weight things), Anyways he said I am guessing she is going to have that baby in 4 days! HA We of course just kept walking...but in 4 days we will know if he is really psychic! If so maybe we can go back and ask for lottery numbers! :) 

Totally kidding but we are 37 weeks today! INSANE! I felt like Vincent would come early and of course he was late so I am guessing Luke will be the same, so I am not trying to get my hopes up! It is very hard not to be thinking about it constantly and to not have every tiny cramp make me secretly wish that THIS IS IT! I am also nervous as to HOW it will happen this time! With Vincent I was a week late and was technically "induced" even though I would not consider it that! I went in to be induced under the notion of trying every natural thing possible before any drugs! Well them breaking my water did the trick and sent me right into labor, I was already 3 cm when I went in. But I am just nervous as to what will happen this time! Time will tell but I am not expecting anything to happen within these next 21 days! But I will keep you updated on dilation and all that jazz...and I will be having my membranes stripped every visit here on out, even though it did nothing last time, I am still skeptical!

Well that is all for now, I am tired as can be! Vincent was sick last night, and slept with us, which means NO SLEEP for mommy, I love him being cuddled in my arms asleep but it is so hard to get comfy with him and my HUGE belly so I am looking forward to having my side of the bed to MYSELF tonight! :)

Here are some pics from the fair!


How can you not laugh at this! He was cracking us up!

Checking out the sheep

My 2 boys!

Nice Pony!

No clue :)

Here mom, have some elephant ear!

The littlest things make Vincent the happiest! He loved ducking under the branches!


I would say Vincent had a good time...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo


  1. Great pics! We have the state fair here in NorCal right now too. Fixin to go tomorrow!

  2. It almost there!
    So exited for you!
    I can't wait for all the details!
    I was very late for my first 2. 9 days late for the first and 7 for the second.
    The 3rd was induced! But she was well cooked :)
    Big hugs