Water Fun!!

This weekend we had a cookout with my family, complete with a kiddie pool and Slip N Slide, Vincent had a ball with his second cousin Savannah!

And Daddy had some fun too! He still has the battle scars to prove it! haha

Right after the video!! Ouch!

You can see the marks pretty good here...

I love my husband! I love that he gets down and plays like a kid with Vincent! We had a great weekend!

Hope everyone else enjoyed their holiday and also enjoy the week ahead!!



  1. Vincent is such a cute little ham! I love his smile!

  2. One summer we created a SUPER slip and slide for the adults and we all ended up with "grass burn" it was brutal, but it was super fun! V looks so cute in his kiddie pool!

  3. Looks like you guys had a blast! I love the picture of him surfing down the slide! Way too cute!

  4. I will be sure and have the Slip and Slide ready for Jordan, bring your suits.