A day at the park...

Sunday we celebrated our anniversary with our boys at the park! We found a new playground that Vincent absolutely loved! We had a blast! 

Daddy likes the playground too! 

He got stuck on the slide....Daddy told me to let him figure it out by himself...

After I snapped this picture, I gave in and helped him! Poor little man!! 

Luke had a blast...sleeping! :) 

It was so nice of the boys to wear matching shirts with such a nice message on them! :)

Happy Monday everyone! Have a great week! xoxo

Happy Anniversary to us!

This weekend we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary! And my what an amazing first year it has been! 
It has been a very eventful year to say the least! We have had so much excitement and changes to our little life! There is no one I would rather have by my side than my husband Jordan. I am truly so blessed to have him in my life! From the day that I met him I knew he was special, we totally hit it off that first night and were soon head over heels in love! We dove right into our relationship and did all the things people warn you not to do in the early stages of a relationship! One month into dating we signed a lease for an apartment together, scary huh? Well it was not the least bit for us! We moved in and things only got better, a few months later we were house shopping and ready to start our lives together! A month or so after moving in and getting engaged we found out we were going to have a HUGE event before our wedding, the birth of our son Vincent Jeffery! We were against getting married just because I was pregnant, so we went with our original plan and had our wedding 4 months after. Hello, who wants to be tagging on that baby weight for the happiest day of their life, their wedding day, NOT ME! :) 
So there we were 4 months after one of the most amazing days of our lives, Vincent's Birth and we were finally being united in Christ as one! 

It was a perfect day!

By the way... which one is Jordan? :) For those of you who did not know, I am married to a identical twin... pretty cool huh?

All that mattered was Jordan and I, and of course our little Vincent! I must say I never thought things would play out that way with a baby first but I would not change it at all! We got to not only celebrate becoming married but also becoming a true family (in the last name sense!) 

You would think after that day things would have slowed down for us...but that is not our fashion clearly! :) We had our perfect family of 3, but wouldn't you know, around Christmas we found out we were pregnant with baby #2!

 Shortly after that Jordan finished his MBA (he finished a semester early, while still working at his job full time) and was ready for a new job! A few months of searching and he landed a dream job! This dream job now has us selling our first house and relocating which is so EXCITING!! Two weeks ago our second son Luke Cosmas made his arrival! I must say when we went into our wedding day I never thought all of these things would be in store in just our first year of marriage! All I can say is....WE ARE BLESSED! 

I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams and our beautiful boys!

I love you Jordan, to the moon and back, Cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us! xoxo

Following in Daddy's Footsteps...Literally!

Oh Vincent...you bring so much joy to my days! I cannot tell you how amazing being a mommy is, if you have children you already know but my goodness, my love tank is overflowing every single day! The things this little man does and comes up with cracks me up! Everyday is a new experience and I love it! I may not be getting much sleep with a hungry newborn on my hands but I must say moments like this take away any tiredness I may be feeling! Okay maybe not all the tiredness, but you know what I mean! Thank you V for keeping tired mommys spirits high! :)

Also, our sweet little Luke is doing amazing...and it was so sweet of him to pick out that onsie to wear :)

Until next time....xoxo

Just call me Dolly....

Man oh man... I guess i forgot  chose to not remember how HUGE your chest gets from breastfeeding! I definitely feel like Dolly Parton and I must say I am not fond of it! lol I do not understand how people would want their chest this big by choice, I prefer my normal sized chest! I am glad mine serve a purpose of feeding my son! I am very grateful after he eats that they return to normal size for a few hours! I feel my best then! :) But for now, you can call me Dolly for the next 11-12 months! The good news is that it makes the rest of my body seem small in comparison! So, here's to you Miss. Parton! 

Luke - One week...

It is hard to believe that Luke as been here a week! His due date was yesterday August 20th, and I cannot imagine what it would have been like to wait until then to have him in our arms! His first week has been amazing! I forgot how easy newborns are! All he does is eat, dirty his diapers and SLEEP! It is so amazing, and I am taking full advantage of the extra time with Vincent! I was really overwhelmed having my mom leave us this week and me doing it all on my own, but I must say it has gone pretty smoothly, knock on wood! We are all falling into a rhythm. Vincent is being a total rock star and his schedule has remained the same, I cannot stress how perfect it is that he sleeps in until 9-10am! It really helps me, since I am dragging in the morning! Luke is doing great at night, he wakes 2-3 times and eats, but it is really no different for me since the entire pregnancy I was up 3-4 times to use the bathroom every night! Luke also sleeps through anything like a rock, which is great because sometimes Vincent is really loud, especially when he throws tantrums! 

Vincent was not to sure what to think last weekend when we brought Luke home but after giving it a day to sink in, he has been such a great big brother! He actually is a pretty good helper too! He brings diapers to me, and gets wipes out, he tries to also wipe Luke (typically his legs or feet) and he even throws the diapers in the trash! He loves his new role! He also has begun giving kisses and hugs to Luke! I cannot wait to see their relationship develop in the coming months and years! I am so blessed to have two beautiful boys and cannot be happier! 

We actually had our first family outing today and went to the carpet store (you will read at the end of the post why) and also to dinner! It went great! Luke of course slept the entire time so it was no different! It will start getting challenging when they are both in high chairs! :) But I am thankful to have been able to have a nice dinner with my boys!

Luke has his first appointment on Tuesday and looks great! He gained all his weight and more back in 2 days, we go back again this week for another check up! 

Here is my little man at his appointment (4 days old)...He has finally started to open his eyes!


Papa Bear reading him a story waiting on our doctor...

Thanks for all the sweet comments on Luke's arrival! I will try to update as much as possible but time in limited in our household!

 On a side note, now that Luke is here our next mission is to sell the house ASAP! While we were in the hospital our wonderful German Shepherd had gotten himself shut in our bedroom and he ripped up all the carpet in front of the door, plus scraped all the woodwork! Needless to say we were not too thrilled and now we have to have the carpet replaced, but the nice thing is we are having the basement carpet replaced as well since it was kind of warn down! This will all be taking place next week, but after that we hope to get the house off our hands so we can make the big move! I cannot wait to finally settle and be done! :)

I have a ton of pictures from this past week and I will try my best to update them soon!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend and week ahead! Until next time...xoxo

Wordless Wednesday- Mommy's Helper- Lotion spreader! :)

Luke's Birth Story!

I had my 39 week appointment on Wednesday and found out I was 4cm and 70% effaced, my midwife thought I would not be back the following week for my next appointment, I of course was hesitant to agree considering Vincent was a week late. Well after the appointment I was having contractions more regular but of course they kept dying out which was fine, as Jordan was going to be out of town until Thursday night. Well fast forward to Thursday, I had contractions throughout the day but nothing too painful, Jordan got home around 10pm and was totally beat, so we headed to bed...I figured labor was not coming and typed my 39 week blog post and decided to keep focusing on breaking my waters that next week on the 20th. Well right after I typed my post I heard Vincent crying in his room, usually he will stop after a few minutes, but I decided I would grab him and bring him in to sleep with us so I could enjoy some cuddle time with him before Luke made his arrival the next week. Well him and Jordan slept like rocks sprawled out across the bed and I was tossing and turning ALL night! Usually that is what tends to happen when he enters our bed, but the cuddles are worth it!

I woke up around 5:45 and went to the bathroom on Friday August 13th, I had some pretty good contractions coming so I sat on the bathroom floor and rocked back and forth, wondering if they were real or not. They became more painful so I decided we should get things together and go to the hospital. I walked out and Vincent was ever so cutely just sitting in our bed looking at me! I woke Jordan and alerted him that I was in some major pain and ready to hit the hospital, I woke my mom and said it was time, she came down Wednesday in case I went into labor. Jordan's twin Alex was there to watch V for us, so off we went to the hospital... I was still having cramps and then all of a sudden on the drive they started to die off! GO FIGURE, just my luck. Well we decided to head in anyhow since 10 minutes early they were painful. We get checked in and they put me on the monitor, and my contractions are pretty much non-existent! OF COURSE...I decided to bear down a little to make it look like I was contracting (horrid I know but I did not want to be sent home!), it actually helped, they checked me and I was 4-5 cm and I let them know it was most painful when I was up and walking which is so true! They allowed me to walk it out for an hour to see what happened, so off we went, walked our butts off for an hour, when we got back they checked me and I was a 5! Yippie! They put me on the monitor for a little while while they called my midwife to see what she thought.... we were for sure that we would be getting sent home because the contractions were pretty much non-existent, even when I had pains, it did not show....well she came in and said...

"Lets get you moved to your room!"

Jordan and I's jaws dropped simultaneously and I said "SERIOUSLY", she explained that since I had made progress from a 4 to a 5 that they could admit me. Jordan and I laughed and thought they were crazy but we just went with it and got stuff ready to switch to a real room...we were both still in shock! My midwife came in to talk with me and I asked if we could just get a little rest since I had none that night, she agreed and said that if I was not making progress we would have to break waters, which is totally fine since that is what happened last time. 

Well I just laid around and relaxed for a few hours, AKA updated my blog and facebook!

Jordan set up his office on the go and made business calls and we just waited it out! Jordan's brother brought Vincent in to visit and also brought Jordan his golf clubs....NO JOKE! Only my husband would want to visit the driving range down the road during our stay, it's like a vacation right?!! HAHA

 Well, I had made little progress of course since I was just laying here but the contractions were actually coming! I did not have to "fake" them, It was hilarious to me that they were actually showing up on the screen! But I just went with it! 

Around 12:30 my midwife came in and we discussed breaking waters again, it is always risky since there is NO going back once they are broken, and it is even scarier because I did not want medical interventions like pitocin, so once they broke my waters I would have to be progressing or else! Well I decided that it was the best option and went with breaking waters since we were already half way there.

She inserted what I like to call the crochet hook and broke my waters, they did not gush right away like they did with Vincent so of course I am thinking to myself "great look what I did, my waters did not gush right away, and I may not progress in time and we may have to get pitocin...UGH" I am always thinking positive-NOT! :)

Well we decided to walk the halls and we made one lap and I was in a TON of pain! I was OVER walking already in just the first 5 minutes! I made the comment to Jordan "I think 2 kids might be enough" haha! My positive thinking coming out again! We came back to the room and bounced on the birthing ball for a little and just swayed around the room, I was feeling these contractions really good! I wanted to get in the birthing tub, so she checked me before I went in and I had moved to a 6!! ALL RIGHT, making progress.
I jumped in the tub which was heaven by the way and just chilled out! Any slight move I made was serious pain so I just sat perfectly still! Jordan kept alternating hot and cold water to come out of the faucet during contractions! It felt amazing alternating between the two during contractions! We also decided to put the movie "Valetines Day" in on my laptop so I could distract myself a little bit!

Well I stayed in the tub for 30-45 mins and decided I had enough, I said I for sure have to be dilated even further because the contractions were so intense. I jumped out and headed to the bed to get checked, the slightest motions brought on the worst contractions ever! She checked me and I was 6-7 cm!! "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" I started to get a bad feeling about this! I told Jordan "I am in so much pain and making little progress, I am not HAPPY". 

Once I made that statement wouldn't you know the contractions came ever harder! OH JOY! Jordan was right by my side talking me through each one. He was telling me to keep up the good work, we are getting there, and just being my rock...Well they were so painful I was starting to loose it! I kept saying I do not think I can do this, I really think I need something! He kept up with saying "YOU ARE DOING THIS, You are getting through these contractions like a pro!" I told them I needed to be checked that I was feeling pressure and I was happy to hear I was at an 7-8! In less than 20 mins I had went a cm! 

(They decided to get an IV going for pitocin in case I hemorrhaged after birth like I did with Vincent's birth)

I kept working my way through the contractions and gripping Jordan's hand! I kept telling him I was in so much more pain then with Vincent! The pressure kept coming and before we knew it I was at a 9! I started to say SCREW THIS PAIN, and started to breathe through it and just get pissed off at the pain. I felt even more pressure, within a few contractions it was time to push!!

(This is the last contraction I had before she checked and I was a 10 and we started pushing!)

It went so quickly, I was to pushing stage within 30 mins of getting out of the tub!

My midwife said you can get him here quickly just push as hard as you can....I was literally dying in pain and felt like it was never going to end, lol even though I had just progressed so fast...He made his way down the canal pretty speedy. (What a good boy!) 

Once they said they could see a little of his head, I was done screwing around with it, I PUSHED AS HARD AS I COULD, and I could see his head in the mirror! The next contraction I decided "I want him NOW" and 3 pushes and he was here!!!!!!!!! 

Luke Cosmas entered the world at 3:20 pm! He was not to thrilled with exiting my warm belly and he made sure we knew it!

 Once he was out I exclaimed "That was not so bad!" Any pain that I had felt vanished in that moment that he was placed on my chest! I then also retracted my statement from earlier that "2 kids might be enough" :) He entered the world before the movie was even half over! :)

He was perfect and we were instantly in love! He scored great on his apgars and weighed 7 lbs 12oz and was 19 inches long! He looked so tiny, it is so hard to believe that Vincent was that small! It is shocking how fast they grow and how quickly you forget how tiny they really were! 

 Big Brother Vincent meeting Luke! 

Luke and I both doing amazing! I love my husband even more than ever before for being my rock and stronghold through this delivery, he is really what kept me on track and made me dig deep to accomplish the birth I wanted. (He got to go golfing Saturday if you were wondering if the golf clubs got used!! :))

Thank you babe! You are the best! 

We never thought that we would have Luke a week early and in less than 3 hours after breaking waters! We are still in awe of it all and are totally IN LOVE!

First peek at Luke!

 Less than 24 hours old...our newest addition, our little bear, Luke!

Birth story and more pictures to follow in the coming days...We are in love with our little guy! Our table for 4 is finally complete! :) xoxo


Luke Cosmas was born at 3:20pm and weighs 7lb 11oz and 19 inches long! We are so in LOVE!!!! :) :) Updates later!

Countdown OVER...We are in LABOR!!

I woke up to some pretty intense pains this morning so we came in and I wasn't really showing too much contractions, I walked it out for an hour and progressed from 4 to 5! I was admitted around 10am, I told them I needed a little rest as Vincent was up late and slept in our bed equaling no sleep for me! I think he knew something was going to happen and he wanted his cuddle time! 

Well we are going to be breaking waters soon and I am a little nervous! Please wish us luck!! I GET TO MEET MY LUKE TODAY!!! :)

39 weeks!

Here we are...39 weeks, if you have ever been pregnant you know how slow these last few weeks go. Every single pain gets you excited in hopes that labor will soon begin. I keep telling myself not to let it get to me but it is killing me! The anticipation of holding Luke is at an all time high! I went in Wednesday for my 39 week appt and we made way more progress...I went from 2-3 and 50% effaced to 4cm and 70% effaced...I once again had my membranes stripped...my midwife is out of town but the midwife I saw kept saying I will see you tonight in Labor and Delivery, well she was wrong...darnit! I am still here waiting it out... I will say the contractions are becoming more intense each day. I am sure that I am making more process, he just does not want to make his big debut yet!

 The good news is next week, Friday the 20th he will be here!! If you did not already read, I am having my waters broke again, just like with Vincent. I am hoping for a quicker process since I am further along but I realize that may not happen and I am fine with whatever comes my way! So the countdown continues....7 days! :) Hope you all have an amazing weekend! :) xoxo

Hopefully my last pregnancy picture...knock on wood! :)

The Countdown BEGINS & Cake Pops! :)

The countdown officially begins for the arrival of Luke! As if I have not been counting the days since the very beginning, now that we have an official day of arrival it is so much easier to not focus on the random contractions or what if's of these last few weeks of labor. I am so excited to know no matter what happens, he will be here for sure on the 20th, come hell or high water! :) It is actually funny because now I am becoming a little more nervous! Last week I was all about going into labor and having him right away and now it is really hitting me that these are the last few days we have as just the 3 of us! Jordan keeps telling me that we have the rest of our lives together but I keep focusing on the fact that it will never just be only us 3 again! It will soon be the 4 of us! Do not get me wrong I cannot wait to have another son! It is so exciting, but also nerve wracking since I am entering a new phase of being a mommy! I no longer will just put one child to bed but 2, I no longer will have to change one kids diapers, but two... lol The good thing is Luke will be a piece of cake to change since Vincent likes to move and groove during diaper changes! (I change him while he is standing- best advice I have ever read! Works miracles for me!) But it is just really hitting me these last few days, I just want to savor the little moments and I feel like I am reading into this 2 under 2 thing too much! I know we will be perfectly fine and that I will be able to handle it, it is just the fear of the unknown. 

On top of the fear of two, I also have the normal mommy fears of Luke being healthy and all the what-ifs, I am a bad worrier and have really been trying to not worry about the what-ifs...it is just so HARD! I am also again terrified of the SIDS stage... I may be by far the craziest when it comes to that, I am hoping that and praying and going to work hard at it to not be so nervous this time around! But it is always in the back of my head, I really never hit full peace until Vincent was 1, he still does not sleep with a blanket! (I told you I was crazy with it!) I am hoping to chill out this time! :) Wish me luck!

I also am having the feeling of will I love Luke as much as I love Vincent? How will I juggle it? I know I will love Luke so much but my heart is so full with Vincent that it is kind of scary, I do not want to love one more than the other!? I already love Luke and it is different but I know once I have Luke in my arms that fear will go away and that my heart will share all my love equally between the two of them! I just have so much on my mind and I am so nervous for his arrival yet I want him in my arms so badly. 

In the meantime I have just been trying to not think about all the worries I have,

I took time this weekend and made cake pops for visitors at the hospital and at home, I froze this first batch and am hoping they hold well if not I will be making more the 19th, I cannot be giving people stale cake pops! (Recipe at the end)

I have also  started to ignore the contractions because I was getting all hyped up only to be let down... Now I just have my focus on the 20th, and if it comes before then, then AWESOME, but if not I am content! I had been telling myself this whole pregnancy just to expect him to come a week late like Vincent, but I fell into the false labor trap and it ruined my whole game plan! But now I am back on track so the countdown begins.....10 days everyone! :)

I will be sure to update my progress with these last 2 appointments before they break my waters on the 20th. Please keep all of us in your prayers these last few days! Hope you all have an amazing week!! :) xoxo

Cake Pops 

These are quite literally the easiest thing to make! 

Boxed Cake Mix
Lollipop Sticks - Craft store, candy making section
Chocolate Coating

First you get a boxed cake mix- I used Devil's Food- Prepare and Bake the cake as usual

Let the cake cool...Once cool break the cake up in a mixing bowl

Add the jar of frosting - I used Vanilla 

MIX WELL with a fork until the cake is coated.

I then put it in the freezer for a few hours so that the balls would be hard enough to dip and stay on the stick. 

Heat the coating

I put the balls one at a time in the coating and used a spoon to coat all sides, then i inserted the lollipop stick and placed in the mini cupcake papers.

That's all!

If you want to add sprinkles you have to be QUICK, the coating starts hardening right away, hence mine are not coated too well!

The cool thing is you can mix and match any flavor you like! Next batch I am going to do Devil's Food again but use Chocolate icing as I think it will taste a little better, I love chocolate! :)

Which one is NOT Vincent?

I cannot sleep at all tonight so I went back and looked through old posts (I love doing that!), I came across this one, "Vincent with a WIG" 

I totally laugh every time I see it, but the more he grows the more he looks like me as a child, it is really starting to freak me out when I see that picture of me! He gives me the same exact look that I am giving in that picture! I love it!

So which one is NOT Vincent? As if the hair and the light pink shirt does not give it away! :)

Wonder who Luke will resemble more! I cannot wait to see! :) 12 more days! :)

38 weeks- False Alarm!

Well I officially had my first false alarm this week! Talk about depressing! I went in Tuesday for my appointment. I had this weird feeling that I for some reason would not be dilated, well to my surprise I was 2-3cm! Yippie! I got to have my membranes stripped and was sent on my way. Well membranes stripping is nothing new to me...I had it done 3 times with Vincent and NOTHING happened. I jumped in the car and went home and got on with the rest of my day, about an hour after I got home I started feeling my stomach contracting....I ignored it at first since it was not too painful. Well it kept coming and going, I actually decided to get everything packed for the hospital for good at that point, and see if the pains went away. Sure enough they did not.

I must add that I never went into spontaneous labor with Vincent, I had my water broken when he was a week late and that sent me straight into labor, so I really have NO CLUE what to expect this time. I just went by what my doula was saying and she was telling me indeed it sounded to her like the early stage of labor.

Well that would have been fine if I was in early labor, except Jordan we as on a quick business trip 6 hours away! So if I was in the early stages, I NEEDED TO KNOW, so I could have him make the drive back. Vincent was born in about 10-11 hours, and they always say your 2nd goes quicker ((PLEASE BE TRUE)), so I wanted him home as quickly as possible to be with me!

Well I put Vincent down for his nap and decided to finally time the contractions and they were about 4-5 mins apart. I called my OB and they said to for sure head into the hospital to be checked. I of course was nervous as I wanted Jordan to be on his way if this was really happening.

I called my mom to come over and called Vincent's godmother to come get him. She was bursting with excitement not only to have Vincent for awhile but for me to hopefully have Luke! So once Vincent woke up the troops aligned and off we went to the hospital.

I get there and I swear they always TAKE FOREVER...I was already registered yet it still took 10 mins, then once we got to our room another 20-25. Good thing I was not keeled over in pain! lol They hooked me up and watched my contractions which were obvious, yet I said I was in no pain, because well frankly I was not, it was more just crampy uncomfortable pain.

Needless to say it was not enough to stay in! Which was fine with me, but I hated the fact that I still did not know if I was in labor and if Jordan should come back home?! That was my main reason of going to the hospital was to get a real answer.

Well as you can tell I am still without my baby so labor did not come! BOO! But Jordan is home now and will not be more than 2 hours away these last 2 weeks! Thank God!

But I am fully ready and packed to go when it does! We have decided on having them break my waters like they did last time, on August 20th! So in 13 days I will for sure have my little Luke in my arms! In the back of my mind I am still hoping he comes sooner but 13 days is so darn close that I am happy regardless! I just hope I do not play the false alarm game again! I can do without that! :)

Now the countdown truly begins!

And as I am typing this, I am feeling the wonderful tightening of my stomach and some pain...!Trying not to read into it!!! Will I even make it to the 20th?!!?!

On with my weekend...Only 13 days left of being a family of 3!!!!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!

Gisele's Breastfeeding Comment- Agree/Disagree?

I actually heard this first on the way to my doctor's appointment the other day, if I had not heard it then I probably would have never known. Anyways, super model Gisele Bundchen made a comment in an interview about breastfeeding. Here is an article on the comment made.

I feel like she may have been making a random statement just like all of us do in everyday life, I myself have made a similar statement about breastfeeding but did not mean I was going to go straight to have a law made for it. I feel like it may be getting way blown out of proportion! People make comments all the time like "You should have to have a license to have children", do you think they are serious? I feel like she is getting torn apart.

I am lucky enough to have been able to produce milk and have a baby who took to it without any hesitations, so I had no struggle, but I know that is hardly the case for a lot of mothers.

I luckily was able to breastfeed Vincent for 10 months, but a few months after getting pregnant with Luke my milk supply dramatically dropped, so I was forced to switch to formula, I of course was upset because I personally had really wanted to make it to his first birthday but obviously my body would not allow it. I had truly felt that Vincent had been so healthy those first 10 months thanks to my breastmilk, I will never know clearly if that is true or not, but he was lucky to be very healthy.

I am hoping to breastfeed Luke for a full year if possible, but I understand it may not be possible if he does not take to it as well as Vincent or if for some reason my body does not react the same way in producing it. 

I do think breastfeeding has amazing benefits not only for the child but also for the mother, but I know it is not for everyone. It would be great if we all could breastfeed but it is demanding and hard, and sometimes is not physically possible for the mother.

In my eyes I do not think it should be a law, and everyone has their opinions on how they want to feed their child, but in a "perfect world" if women can do it, I think they should for them and their child's well being if they are physically capable and willing to.

 I do believe that better education and resources should be available because of such low numbers of women actually breastfeed their babies in the US.  I think that with better support, education, and awareness so that the general public has less stigmas about it would make things easier for those mothers who chose to breastfeed.  Studies do show that babies who are breast fed are sick less, fewer die of SIDS, they have stronger immune systems and the bonding benefits are awesome.  But a choice is still a choice.

I am not looking to start an argument or anything but I know this is huge topic. Do you think Gisele's meaning was misconstrued and made into a bigger deal than it should have been? What are your thoughts?