38 weeks- False Alarm!

Well I officially had my first false alarm this week! Talk about depressing! I went in Tuesday for my appointment. I had this weird feeling that I for some reason would not be dilated, well to my surprise I was 2-3cm! Yippie! I got to have my membranes stripped and was sent on my way. Well membranes stripping is nothing new to me...I had it done 3 times with Vincent and NOTHING happened. I jumped in the car and went home and got on with the rest of my day, about an hour after I got home I started feeling my stomach contracting....I ignored it at first since it was not too painful. Well it kept coming and going, I actually decided to get everything packed for the hospital for good at that point, and see if the pains went away. Sure enough they did not.

I must add that I never went into spontaneous labor with Vincent, I had my water broken when he was a week late and that sent me straight into labor, so I really have NO CLUE what to expect this time. I just went by what my doula was saying and she was telling me indeed it sounded to her like the early stage of labor.

Well that would have been fine if I was in early labor, except Jordan we as on a quick business trip 6 hours away! So if I was in the early stages, I NEEDED TO KNOW, so I could have him make the drive back. Vincent was born in about 10-11 hours, and they always say your 2nd goes quicker ((PLEASE BE TRUE)), so I wanted him home as quickly as possible to be with me!

Well I put Vincent down for his nap and decided to finally time the contractions and they were about 4-5 mins apart. I called my OB and they said to for sure head into the hospital to be checked. I of course was nervous as I wanted Jordan to be on his way if this was really happening.

I called my mom to come over and called Vincent's godmother to come get him. She was bursting with excitement not only to have Vincent for awhile but for me to hopefully have Luke! So once Vincent woke up the troops aligned and off we went to the hospital.

I get there and I swear they always TAKE FOREVER...I was already registered yet it still took 10 mins, then once we got to our room another 20-25. Good thing I was not keeled over in pain! lol They hooked me up and watched my contractions which were obvious, yet I said I was in no pain, because well frankly I was not, it was more just crampy uncomfortable pain.

Needless to say it was not enough to stay in! Which was fine with me, but I hated the fact that I still did not know if I was in labor and if Jordan should come back home?! That was my main reason of going to the hospital was to get a real answer.

Well as you can tell I am still without my baby so labor did not come! BOO! But Jordan is home now and will not be more than 2 hours away these last 2 weeks! Thank God!

But I am fully ready and packed to go when it does! We have decided on having them break my waters like they did last time, on August 20th! So in 13 days I will for sure have my little Luke in my arms! In the back of my mind I am still hoping he comes sooner but 13 days is so darn close that I am happy regardless! I just hope I do not play the false alarm game again! I can do without that! :)

Now the countdown truly begins!

And as I am typing this, I am feeling the wonderful tightening of my stomach and some pain...!Trying not to read into it!!! Will I even make it to the 20th?!!?!

On with my weekend...Only 13 days left of being a family of 3!!!!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!

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  1. How exciting! Hope delivery goes fast and smooth and based on your post...soon. Keep us updated!