39 weeks!

Here we are...39 weeks, if you have ever been pregnant you know how slow these last few weeks go. Every single pain gets you excited in hopes that labor will soon begin. I keep telling myself not to let it get to me but it is killing me! The anticipation of holding Luke is at an all time high! I went in Wednesday for my 39 week appt and we made way more progress...I went from 2-3 and 50% effaced to 4cm and 70% effaced...I once again had my membranes stripped...my midwife is out of town but the midwife I saw kept saying I will see you tonight in Labor and Delivery, well she was wrong...darnit! I am still here waiting it out... I will say the contractions are becoming more intense each day. I am sure that I am making more process, he just does not want to make his big debut yet!

 The good news is next week, Friday the 20th he will be here!! If you did not already read, I am having my waters broke again, just like with Vincent. I am hoping for a quicker process since I am further along but I realize that may not happen and I am fine with whatever comes my way! So the countdown continues....7 days! :) Hope you all have an amazing weekend! :) xoxo

Hopefully my last pregnancy picture...knock on wood! :)

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