Baby Luke- 37w5d Appointment!

We are making progress! I was really excited to learn today that I am 2-3cm dilated! I told my doctor before she checked me that I had a feeling I was not dilated (i figured that would be the case since I want him so badly), well I was happy to hear her say I was 2-3! The only downside is that I was 2cm for like 3 weeks with Vincent! I was 2-3 when he was a week late and they broke my water! Therefore I am not really expecting much to happen! But you never know!

We will see in the next few weeks if Luke is as stubborn as his big brother on making his big debut! I am hoping to just have him by or on his due date which is Friday August 20th. Please say prayers for me that he will make his exit soon! I would much rather push out a 7 pound baby vs and 8 pound baby! :) Just my personal preference! ha!

It is starting to hit me every day that passes that I will have to be through labor again! When I think about it I kind of just laugh and say "Oh well!", I had an amazing (if you could really call it that) labor with Vincent. I had my water broke around 11am and labored through the day and he arrived at 8:59pm! I was very happy with only having 10 hour labor! I am hoping to have that again or better yet one shorter! At least I know I can make it 10 hours lol! 

I guess I am just nervous to live up to my labor with Vincent! I had him completely natural and I guess I am kind of second guessing myself. I am not really sure why since I have already done it, I guess it is just the nerves hitting me! Last time we read tons of natural labor books and had a birth plan all ready to go, this time I have done nothing! I am really just going to wing it! So if you are saying a prayer for Luke to come on time, throw one in there for a great natural delivery! Next appointment is next Weds, lets hope for more progress by then! 

Only 7-8 cm to go til my little boy is in my arms!! :) :)


  1. I was planning a natural labor with Cam, but my Dr. asked why? He said "Why do you want to lay there and hurt when I can give you something to make it stop and you will be less tired after labor?" So I said "Shoot me up Doc!" :) I'm a whimp but that's okay I'm good with that! LOL

    I'll be praying for Luke to come on into the World, and for an easy, quick delivery for mom! :o) Blessings and loving thoughts coming your way!

  2. You must be getting so excited! I'll be thinking of you and Luke!