The Countdown BEGINS & Cake Pops! :)

The countdown officially begins for the arrival of Luke! As if I have not been counting the days since the very beginning, now that we have an official day of arrival it is so much easier to not focus on the random contractions or what if's of these last few weeks of labor. I am so excited to know no matter what happens, he will be here for sure on the 20th, come hell or high water! :) It is actually funny because now I am becoming a little more nervous! Last week I was all about going into labor and having him right away and now it is really hitting me that these are the last few days we have as just the 3 of us! Jordan keeps telling me that we have the rest of our lives together but I keep focusing on the fact that it will never just be only us 3 again! It will soon be the 4 of us! Do not get me wrong I cannot wait to have another son! It is so exciting, but also nerve wracking since I am entering a new phase of being a mommy! I no longer will just put one child to bed but 2, I no longer will have to change one kids diapers, but two... lol The good thing is Luke will be a piece of cake to change since Vincent likes to move and groove during diaper changes! (I change him while he is standing- best advice I have ever read! Works miracles for me!) But it is just really hitting me these last few days, I just want to savor the little moments and I feel like I am reading into this 2 under 2 thing too much! I know we will be perfectly fine and that I will be able to handle it, it is just the fear of the unknown. 

On top of the fear of two, I also have the normal mommy fears of Luke being healthy and all the what-ifs, I am a bad worrier and have really been trying to not worry about the is just so HARD! I am also again terrified of the SIDS stage... I may be by far the craziest when it comes to that, I am hoping that and praying and going to work hard at it to not be so nervous this time around! But it is always in the back of my head, I really never hit full peace until Vincent was 1, he still does not sleep with a blanket! (I told you I was crazy with it!) I am hoping to chill out this time! :) Wish me luck!

I also am having the feeling of will I love Luke as much as I love Vincent? How will I juggle it? I know I will love Luke so much but my heart is so full with Vincent that it is kind of scary, I do not want to love one more than the other!? I already love Luke and it is different but I know once I have Luke in my arms that fear will go away and that my heart will share all my love equally between the two of them! I just have so much on my mind and I am so nervous for his arrival yet I want him in my arms so badly. 

In the meantime I have just been trying to not think about all the worries I have,

I took time this weekend and made cake pops for visitors at the hospital and at home, I froze this first batch and am hoping they hold well if not I will be making more the 19th, I cannot be giving people stale cake pops! (Recipe at the end)

I have also  started to ignore the contractions because I was getting all hyped up only to be let down... Now I just have my focus on the 20th, and if it comes before then, then AWESOME, but if not I am content! I had been telling myself this whole pregnancy just to expect him to come a week late like Vincent, but I fell into the false labor trap and it ruined my whole game plan! But now I am back on track so the countdown begins.....10 days everyone! :)

I will be sure to update my progress with these last 2 appointments before they break my waters on the 20th. Please keep all of us in your prayers these last few days! Hope you all have an amazing week!! :) xoxo

Cake Pops 

These are quite literally the easiest thing to make! 

Boxed Cake Mix
Lollipop Sticks - Craft store, candy making section
Chocolate Coating

First you get a boxed cake mix- I used Devil's Food- Prepare and Bake the cake as usual

Let the cake cool...Once cool break the cake up in a mixing bowl

Add the jar of frosting - I used Vanilla 

MIX WELL with a fork until the cake is coated.

I then put it in the freezer for a few hours so that the balls would be hard enough to dip and stay on the stick. 

Heat the coating

I put the balls one at a time in the coating and used a spoon to coat all sides, then i inserted the lollipop stick and placed in the mini cupcake papers.

That's all!

If you want to add sprinkles you have to be QUICK, the coating starts hardening right away, hence mine are not coated too well!

The cool thing is you can mix and match any flavor you like! Next batch I am going to do Devil's Food again but use Chocolate icing as I think it will taste a little better, I love chocolate! :)

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