A day at the park...

Sunday we celebrated our anniversary with our boys at the park! We found a new playground that Vincent absolutely loved! We had a blast! 

Daddy likes the playground too! 

He got stuck on the slide....Daddy told me to let him figure it out by himself...

After I snapped this picture, I gave in and helped him! Poor little man!! 

Luke had a blast...sleeping! :) 

It was so nice of the boys to wear matching shirts with such a nice message on them! :)

Happy Monday everyone! Have a great week! xoxo


  1. great pics! def seems like a fun day

  2. It's always important to get the funny picture befor you lend the helping hand! Haha.

  3. Love their matching shirts! Just wait until Luke is older and people ask you if they're twins. lol. I have 3 blog awards waiting for you on my blog :)