Just call me Dolly....

Man oh man... I guess i forgot  chose to not remember how HUGE your chest gets from breastfeeding! I definitely feel like Dolly Parton and I must say I am not fond of it! lol I do not understand how people would want their chest this big by choice, I prefer my normal sized chest! I am glad mine serve a purpose of feeding my son! I am very grateful after he eats that they return to normal size for a few hours! I feel my best then! :) But for now, you can call me Dolly for the next 11-12 months! The good news is that it makes the rest of my body seem small in comparison! So, here's to you Miss. Parton! 


  1. :) that's funny! I was teaching dance when I was nursing and I swear I would bump them with my arms 100 times a night because they were so big!

    Hope that part get's better to deal with soon!

  2. ha ha! That is funny! Before too long they will be back to their old self or less :-( Thanks for stopping by..

  3. Ha ha ha you crack me up. I am one that wishes for bigger boobs, lol. Mine never got big...probably why I couldnt BF. Hopefully I get supply this time around!