Luke - One week...

It is hard to believe that Luke as been here a week! His due date was yesterday August 20th, and I cannot imagine what it would have been like to wait until then to have him in our arms! His first week has been amazing! I forgot how easy newborns are! All he does is eat, dirty his diapers and SLEEP! It is so amazing, and I am taking full advantage of the extra time with Vincent! I was really overwhelmed having my mom leave us this week and me doing it all on my own, but I must say it has gone pretty smoothly, knock on wood! We are all falling into a rhythm. Vincent is being a total rock star and his schedule has remained the same, I cannot stress how perfect it is that he sleeps in until 9-10am! It really helps me, since I am dragging in the morning! Luke is doing great at night, he wakes 2-3 times and eats, but it is really no different for me since the entire pregnancy I was up 3-4 times to use the bathroom every night! Luke also sleeps through anything like a rock, which is great because sometimes Vincent is really loud, especially when he throws tantrums! 

Vincent was not to sure what to think last weekend when we brought Luke home but after giving it a day to sink in, he has been such a great big brother! He actually is a pretty good helper too! He brings diapers to me, and gets wipes out, he tries to also wipe Luke (typically his legs or feet) and he even throws the diapers in the trash! He loves his new role! He also has begun giving kisses and hugs to Luke! I cannot wait to see their relationship develop in the coming months and years! I am so blessed to have two beautiful boys and cannot be happier! 

We actually had our first family outing today and went to the carpet store (you will read at the end of the post why) and also to dinner! It went great! Luke of course slept the entire time so it was no different! It will start getting challenging when they are both in high chairs! :) But I am thankful to have been able to have a nice dinner with my boys!

Luke has his first appointment on Tuesday and looks great! He gained all his weight and more back in 2 days, we go back again this week for another check up! 

Here is my little man at his appointment (4 days old)...He has finally started to open his eyes!


Papa Bear reading him a story waiting on our doctor...

Thanks for all the sweet comments on Luke's arrival! I will try to update as much as possible but time in limited in our household!

 On a side note, now that Luke is here our next mission is to sell the house ASAP! While we were in the hospital our wonderful German Shepherd had gotten himself shut in our bedroom and he ripped up all the carpet in front of the door, plus scraped all the woodwork! Needless to say we were not too thrilled and now we have to have the carpet replaced, but the nice thing is we are having the basement carpet replaced as well since it was kind of warn down! This will all be taking place next week, but after that we hope to get the house off our hands so we can make the big move! I cannot wait to finally settle and be done! :)

I have a ton of pictures from this past week and I will try my best to update them soon!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend and week ahead! Until next time...xoxo

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  1. Sounds like you're already a pro at having two. Let the good times roll! Congrats again!