Did Whole Foods=Whole Paycheck???

WOW is all I can say about it! Vincent went along with me yesterday to Whole Foods for our first organic grocery trip and the second we walked in I was in HEAVEN...It was like a vacation retreat to me haha.The store had such an amazing smell to it and was insanely gorgeous! Everything was in the right place and so perfectly kept! It was my kind of place, being that everything in our place is never in the right place...thanks to tiny toddler hands haha! Do not worry Vincents little hands tried to move things around the store as well, but I of course put a stop to that! 

They had everything I wanted and even more! They had great organic baby toys and clothes as well, they even sell Robeez, and they are way cheaper than what Gap sells them for!! I held off though because I was nervous that I would already be spending too much as is!

The produce was truly out of this world, and the peace of mind of how healthy it was just made it all jump into my cart even quicker! We then ventured to the meat department which I was the most nervous of because I knew that is where I would spend the most! I was shocked to find that they sell Buffalo Meat, my husband loves it, so I grabbed a few pounds of that knowing how happy it would make him! We made our way through the rest of the store trying not to get drawn into the amazing hot food selection and fresh ready to go displays, which looked to die for!

 We were finally at the check out and I must say I was a little nervous that I would be over our usual spending, we try to keep it under 100 each week....well....the moment came for the total....it was $75!!! I was in complete shock! Did they miss something!? WOW!! I had bought everything organic and bought a lot and I will still under!

I was jumping with joy on the inside, we took our bags out to the car...and then I was thinking to myself, wow I got such great deals....so crazy me WENT BACK IN and got a few more things that I had left off because they weren't necessities, like their homemade granola...YUMMMM and yet another  freaking mum to plant by our front door...I have never posted about my front door plant pot but needless to say...THEY ALL DIE! Jordan laughed when he saw a mum by the front door..."Maybe third times a charm ehh?", HOPEFULLY IT IS!! :) Dead mums don't really look good to buyers! :) We really like the idea of planting a garden when we move but needless to say until I can take care of and not kill a mum that is right outside the door we will not be having a garden!! I will get there in time!! Jordan also said "I am shocked our kids get fed by the way you take care of the flowers!!", but I am pretty good at feeding the kids, lol I make them chunky! I must have something special in my breast milk! haha

The trip to Whole Foods really rocked my socks off and I cannot wait to make all the yummy meals I have planned! I never thought that it would turn out to be cheaper than a regular supermarket....so if you are one of those mommies who has held off like I did by thinking it would break the bank I totally encourage you to try it out for one week!! 

Vincent really is digging the yogurt we got (by the way this is before it REALLY got messy lol) ...

Hope you all have a good weekend.... and speaking of the weekend, We are going to look @ the 9 houses we like and hopefully make the final choice of where we will be living...let's hope they take a contingent offer if we do find the house of our dreams...I will do a house selling and buying update soon!!

Until then..I will be fantasizing of Buffalo Burgers on the Grill and swaying to the rhythm of love (new obsession with this song!)

This family is going.... ORGANIC!

Lately I have been thinking more and more about the food we eat, mostly what striked my really wanting to go all organic was seeing something on TV about how chickens were treated. I was seriously appalled by how sickly chickens are treated and how they are being pumped full of hormones and most can barely walk. Totally creeped me out and has turned me off of the chicken in super-markets. Thankfully the ground beef we had this past year was from my dad, they got an organic cow from a local farm and had it butchered into  every cut of meat you can imagine, and they shared with us! We are going to get in on that action next time! 

I have always done organic milk once Vincent made the switch to cows milk and lately it has just been really getting to me that I should be buying everything organic. I mostly have been hesitant because I am a HUGE saver when it comes to grocery and am always out to get a great deal...But am I getting a great deal for the health of my body and my family's body? Probably not.

This week I am going to shop at Whole Foods for our groceries, I know I am probably going to choke when I see our bill but I think that shopping there will keep unneeded snack items from jumping in the cart (minus my favorite Pirate's Booty) and will help keep us healthier! It will also help aid in the post pregnancy weight loss for me! :) BONUS! 

Lets hope the saying "Whole foods, Whole paycheck" does not apply! HAHA

Here is to us being happier and healthier! 

Wordless Wednesday - What is wrong with this picture!? Come on Luke! Geeeshhhh!!

Luke Update!

Today we had our dreaded visit to the Cardiologist, and I am glad to say ALL IS WELL! :) After a LONG almost 3 hour appointment full of blood pressure checks, EKG, lots of listening to the heart and an Echo scan, the doctor told us it is nothing more than an Innocent Heart Murmur! I was so relieved to hear those words!!

I was nervous the entire time because they would not tell me ANYTHING throughout the process, the only thing I knew was that he indeed has a murmur but they would not tell me the extent until after the Echo, which took forever! It is just like an ultrasound when your pregnant but 10 times LONGER! It was 25-30 mins and they had him wrapped up in warm blankets and he laid so perfectly still! I was so happy with him! The whole thing was so nerve-wracking because I had no clue what they were looking at, they took tons of pics and measured lots of things, which freaked me out because I thought it was for the worst of course every time she would slow it down and take tons of pics! 

But Luke is PERFECTLY fine! WHEW! 

Here is the little man from his appointment.... and guess what...He gained 1/2 pound in 4 days haha! He is non-stop with the weight gain! 

Thank you for ALL the prayers, it truly means the world to me!! xoxo

Should I stay or Should I go now?

Yesterday night I packed Jordan's bag for his trip this week, Vincent of course helped (tore everything out that was folded and shoved it back in a little dismayed). He then proceeded to take Daddy's suitcase down the hallway and place it by the stairs. 

My little helper! :)

He double checked to make sure we had everything ready to go, which I made Jordan triple check to make sure lol You never know where toddlers will hide things! :)

And last but not least he made sure it was still sturdy and durable for Daddy's trip! 

Jordan wondered why Vincent was in such a rush to get rid of him! :) Don't worry Daddy we miss you TONS already! 

Tomorrow is this little "man of my dreams" cardiologist appointment! 

Okay so maybe he is not so "little", he is a chunker! Which gives me high hopes that there will be nothing wrong since he has yet to have any problems in the weight gaining area! 

I would like to think that I have not fallen into thinking of the "what-ifs" but I am only human and I have, but thankfully my husband is so positive and keeps me from getting in too deep of worrying! I also think I am way more confident as a mother since Luke is #2 and every time I worried with Vincent getting sick, he turned out to be fine! 

I am very proud of myself because if you know me personally, I am the world's biggest worrier and I always think something is going to go wrong and I will lay awake for hours at night worrying (which is really awesome with a newborn)....yet nothing has went wrong! So slowly but surely I am growing more confident in myself but mostly in God! I know that he will never give me more than I can handle.

No matter what the outcome is I know that we will get through it as a family! 

So please say a prayer tomorrow at 1:45 for Luke! Until then....xoxo

"Cultural Crisis" vs "Health-Care Crisis"

Stumbled upon this today on facebook...

Pictured is a young physician by the name of Dr. Roger Starner Jones. His short two-paragraph letter to the White House accurately puts the blame on a "Culture Crisis" instead of a "Health Care Crisis".. 

It's worth a quick read: 

Dear Mr. President: 

During my shift in the Emergency Room last night, I had the pleasure of evaluating a patient whose smile revealed an expensive shiny gold tooth, whose body was adorned with a wide assortment of elaborate and costly tattoos, who wore a very expensive brand of tennis shoes and who chatted on a new cellular telephone equipped with a popular ringtone. 

While glancing over her patient chart, I happened to notice that her payer status was listed as "Medicaid"! During my examination of her, the patient informed me that she smokes more than one pack of cigarettes every day, eats only at fast-food take-outs, and somehow still has money to buy snacks and beer. And, you and our Congress expect me to pay for this woman's health care? I contend that our nation's "health care crisis" is not the result of a shortage of quality hospitals, doctors or nurses. Rather, it is the result of a "crisis of culture" a culture in which it is perfectly acceptable to spend money on luxuries and vices while refusing to take care of one's self or, heaven forbid, purchase health insurance. It is a culture based in the irresponsible credo that "I can do whatever I want to because someone else will always take care of me". Once you fix this "culture crisis" that rewards irresponsibility and dependency, you'll be amazed at how quickly our nation's health care difficulties will disappear. Life is really not that hard. Most of us reap what we sow.



If you agree...pass it on.

Trying not to stress, Luke's 1 month appointment!

Today was Luke's one month appointment and all was going well, or so I thought. The appointment started off normal, he was weighed and measured! He weighs 11 pounds 7 oz which is over 3 lbs in the last 3 weeks haha! Needless to say he is a little chunker, he is way bigger than Vincent was at this point! (Vincent was 10 lb 3oz @ his 1-month check) Luke is clearly taking after his daddy!:)

Anyways all was going well, the doctor came in and started checking him and we were all chatty as usual, then after he listened to his heart I could tell something seemed off, he continued to check the rest of Luke, and it was just kind of an awkward silence from our usual talks during check ups. He was finished with the check up so I picked Luke up off the table thinking nothing and waiting for the doctor to say his usual "Keep up the good work, He looks great, See you next month" Well none of those came. What came next was kind of like a dagger in the chest to me!

"I heard a murmur when listening to his heart, you are going to need to see a cardiologist", my heart truly dropped to the bottom of my chest! He explained that this is typically a VSD, Ventricular Septal Defect, where there is a hole between the two ventricles in the heart. Most of the time this hole is small, and can close by itself and rarely cause any additional problems. But if the whole is large it can cause problems and need surgery. His doctor is thinking it is the less of the two and will be small and close on it's own, but we will not know for sure until we see the cardiologist.

I held all my emotions in during the remainder of the discussion, but a MILLION thoughts were running through my head. Jordan is out of town so after the appointment I called and left a voicemail but I could not finish the voicemail because the second I started to say "They found something wrong with Luke's heart" I burst in to tears and had to hang up. I am trying not to think about it because it is probably going to end up being nothing and if it is something there is really no reason to stress until I know for sure! So now I am focusing on the positives, that is Luke is growing and gaining weight like a champ! :) He is happy and healthy and I am sure our appointment with the cardiologist will go fine! But until then please say a prayer for Luke that if there is a hole, that it closes up with no problems! If you had similar problems with your baby please let me know! Any info would be great!! :)

We have our appointment @ Children's Hospital next Tuesday and we have one the top rated Children's Hospitals so I know they will have great cardiologists to do a thorough check of little man's heart! Until then I am going to keep my head up and not check google 247 for stories! lol 

In other news, Jordan gets home from his work conference tonight, he found out earlier this week that he is 3rd in sales in the entire company! I am so proud of him, he has been there less than 4 months and is really kicking butt! He knew he was doing well but did not expect to be that high up! Great job hunny! We are all proud of you! :)

And earlier this week I posted about Vincent's napping habits, well in true Vincent fashion the next day I walked into him butt naked from the waist down, diaper off laying beside him with poop in it! :) HA! Thankfully the poop was only in the diaper and not all over him or his crib! 

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great weekend! I will update Luke's murmur status next week! :) Again, LOTS OF PRAYERS! XOXO

AH! I donated my hair today!

So I have always wanted to donate my hair, and now I can check it off my bucket list! I found that I was always going in and getting 5-6 inches cut on average so I decided this time I would let it go a little longer and just donate the 10 inches for Locks of Love! Well I had wanted to wait a little while longer until i lost the baby weight to get a "new look" but I could not handle it anymore! It was in Luke's poor little face all the time and was getting in the way 247 even when it was in a pony tail! 

Today was the day and I am still in shock at how much is gone! I am sure in a few days I will start to love it! My husband is in FL this week for work and I am sure he is going to be in shock when he sees these pics on here! :) 

Hope you like it sweetie! (eeeeeeeek!)

Here is my before....

And here is 10 inches and a ton of layers later!!

I am still a tiny bit in shock at how DRASTIC the change is but I am loving the fact that I have a pony tail that is fully out of the way, I guess that is easy since my little pony tail is like 2 inches! I barely styled it so when I get the chance I am sure I will get it to lay better!

I will admit at the moment I kind of like it better (looks wise) longer but then I think of the great cause my hair went to and that someone who needs my hair will soon have it on their head! That makes it all worth it! :) 

God Bless! xoxo

What happens when Vincent takes a "NAP"...

Okay so I went a little OVER the TOP picture happy today with Vincent but I could not help myself! He is such a little ham! I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I did...

Vincent has been not napping for a few weeks, he would seriously rater stay awake ALL day! He will take his sippy cup of milk to bed for a nap, then when a few minutes later he will start talking to himself...then playing, then sometimes he will doze off, then start talking and round and round! Usually I let him go at it for an hour or so (as long as he is not crying). I typically will peek my head in to find him laying staring at the ceiling with his legs kicked up on the crib rails crossed holding his elephant silky talking like a mad man! Mostly I let him go because when he does nap, he is serious about it! He takes sleep very seriously once he makes his way there! Anyways today we went shopping and he was such a trooper, I laid him down when we got home and I of course thought he had fallen asleep until he started talking, I decided to just get him up since he was clearly not going to sleep, well I walk into this...

I know your first thought is PEE, BUT it is not! lol It is his WHOLE sippy cup of MILK! It was ALL OVER! He even had it in his hair and it had made it sticky for the nice Ryan Cabrera look he is sporting! 

He then ran back and forth like a crazy man bouncing off the rails and then posed like a little monkey for me! He loves the camera now and especially likes when i say "CHHEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSEEEE!!"

Stop here if you do not enjoy pictures of V and his many faces! LOL Because there are a LOT! :) :) 

I warned you... there are a lot! But seriously how can you ever get tired of this face?!

I mean what is this!? HAHA

Then he proceeded to lay down in the milk to flash a few more smiles!

When I came across these next two my heart seriously dropped...He is losing that "baby" look and is becoming a little MAN! ((tears))

I do not know why these two pictures struck me so much but they did! The tears I shed were pure happiness that I am blessed with this little man as my son! (My husband is so laughing reading this because I cried haha I can literally hear him saying "OH GATOR" with a sigh)

After cleaning up from the nap we got the mail and low and behold our newest photo book arrived! Just in time to finish out our photo frenzy day! We sat down and read it together! 

Vincent then proceeded to chuck the book at Verner! ((sigh))

All these fun adventures happened while Luke does what he does best ((DURING THE DAY))....SLEEP! :)


I know it is cliche to say but it really seems unreal that Luke is a month old today! All the days just blur together, maybe it is the lack of sleep I have had since he was born! Nonetheless, I am just as head over heels in love as I was the moment he was placed on my chest!

Not much has changed, he still loves to eat, sleep and dirty his diaper! Thankfully he can now go a few minutes hours without having to be changed versus him dirtying it the second I put it on him! Also, knock on wood I have not been peed on in a few weeks! That first week he got us a few times, and WOW was it like a fire hydrant! His gas pains were at an all time high at the beginning of the week, but this weekend they have seemed to die down a little! :) I am crossing my fingers (and toes) that he is pain free! We have our 1-month check up on Friday and I am curious to see where he is on the weight scale! His cheeks are really filling out! He is going to be giving Vincent a run for his money in the fat department!

I also think he is going to have BLUE eyes! I guess I just expected another chocolate brown eyed boy, but I must say I am digging the baby blues he is sporting these days! 

 That's about all for now in "Luke News!" Until next month....

Sunday FUNday- Art Museum, Cathedral and Thurman Cafe!

We decided since we will be moving shortly that we should enjoy the time we have left living near some great things the city of Columbus has to offer so today we headed downtown with the boys to visit the Art Museum, St Joseph Cathedral and Thurman Cafe (featured on Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel for the best burgers)! My camera battery was dead but my cell phone camera got the job done! 

Coolest Elevator ever

Coolest painting of the day...


This also caught my eye... see if you can spot the funny answer! :) 

Kids say the darnedest things :) (Although I am sure a kid did not write that!)

Luke really enjoyed the museum!

They had two life size chess sets in the courtyard! This one was Alice and Wonderland themed!

Vincent enjoyed the other one!

Pulling and pushing the stroller has become a new favorite for V!

Walking to the cathedral

V was zonked out on the way home...

and last but not least we picked up burgers to-go from the Thurman Cafe! Here is why we did not even attempt to eat inside...

The restruant is truly TINY and crowded as all get out! There is maybe 15 tables, and it is all in one small room with a huge bar, not really the place for 2 kids under 2! Plus the wait is LONG! The reason we went was for Jordan to attack the Thurman-ator, the burger that was featured on Man vs. Food! 

I had a regular burger and it looked tiny compared to his.

MINE by the way was huge for a regular burger!

Jordan tackled the burger...

He let the burger win the challange, as he would rather have a content stomach than an upset stomach! :)

We had a great day in the city with our boys! Until next time! :)