AH! I donated my hair today!

So I have always wanted to donate my hair, and now I can check it off my bucket list! I found that I was always going in and getting 5-6 inches cut on average so I decided this time I would let it go a little longer and just donate the 10 inches for Locks of Love! Well I had wanted to wait a little while longer until i lost the baby weight to get a "new look" but I could not handle it anymore! It was in Luke's poor little face all the time and was getting in the way 247 even when it was in a pony tail! 

Today was the day and I am still in shock at how much is gone! I am sure in a few days I will start to love it! My husband is in FL this week for work and I am sure he is going to be in shock when he sees these pics on here! :) 

Hope you like it sweetie! (eeeeeeeek!)

Here is my before....

And here is 10 inches and a ton of layers later!!

I am still a tiny bit in shock at how DRASTIC the change is but I am loving the fact that I have a pony tail that is fully out of the way, I guess that is easy since my little pony tail is like 2 inches! I barely styled it so when I get the chance I am sure I will get it to lay better!

I will admit at the moment I kind of like it better (looks wise) longer but then I think of the great cause my hair went to and that someone who needs my hair will soon have it on their head! That makes it all worth it! :) 

God Bless! xoxo


  1. It looks great! It's going to feel so weird when you wash it. At least it did when I chopped mine... it was so strange. That's awesome that you donated too... very cool!