Did Whole Foods=Whole Paycheck???

WOW is all I can say about it! Vincent went along with me yesterday to Whole Foods for our first organic grocery trip and the second we walked in I was in HEAVEN...It was like a vacation retreat to me haha.The store had such an amazing smell to it and was insanely gorgeous! Everything was in the right place and so perfectly kept! It was my kind of place, being that everything in our place is never in the right place...thanks to tiny toddler hands haha! Do not worry Vincents little hands tried to move things around the store as well, but I of course put a stop to that! 

They had everything I wanted and even more! They had great organic baby toys and clothes as well, they even sell Robeez, and they are way cheaper than what Gap sells them for!! I held off though because I was nervous that I would already be spending too much as is!

The produce was truly out of this world, and the peace of mind of how healthy it was just made it all jump into my cart even quicker! We then ventured to the meat department which I was the most nervous of because I knew that is where I would spend the most! I was shocked to find that they sell Buffalo Meat, my husband loves it, so I grabbed a few pounds of that knowing how happy it would make him! We made our way through the rest of the store trying not to get drawn into the amazing hot food selection and fresh ready to go displays, which looked to die for!

 We were finally at the check out and I must say I was a little nervous that I would be over our usual spending, we try to keep it under 100 each week....well....the moment came for the total....it was $75!!! I was in complete shock! Did they miss something!? WOW!! I had bought everything organic and bought a lot and I will still under!

I was jumping with joy on the inside, we took our bags out to the car...and then I was thinking to myself, wow I got such great deals....so crazy me WENT BACK IN and got a few more things that I had left off because they weren't necessities, like their homemade granola...YUMMMM and yet another  freaking mum to plant by our front door...I have never posted about my front door plant pot but needless to say...THEY ALL DIE! Jordan laughed when he saw a mum by the front door..."Maybe third times a charm ehh?", HOPEFULLY IT IS!! :) Dead mums don't really look good to buyers! :) We really like the idea of planting a garden when we move but needless to say until I can take care of and not kill a mum that is right outside the door we will not be having a garden!! I will get there in time!! Jordan also said "I am shocked our kids get fed by the way you take care of the flowers!!", but I am pretty good at feeding the kids, lol I make them chunky! I must have something special in my breast milk! haha

The trip to Whole Foods really rocked my socks off and I cannot wait to make all the yummy meals I have planned! I never thought that it would turn out to be cheaper than a regular supermarket....so if you are one of those mommies who has held off like I did by thinking it would break the bank I totally encourage you to try it out for one week!! 

Vincent really is digging the yogurt we got (by the way this is before it REALLY got messy lol) ...

Hope you all have a good weekend.... and speaking of the weekend, We are going to look @ the 9 houses we like and hopefully make the final choice of where we will be living...let's hope they take a contingent offer if we do find the house of our dreams...I will do a house selling and buying update soon!!

Until then..I will be fantasizing of Buffalo Burgers on the Grill and swaying to the rhythm of love (new obsession with this song!)


  1. I love your "day to day" pictures. V in the cart....SO cute! Next week is my Mustard Seed shopping spree. I cannot wait! So excited for you on your new "Organic" journey!

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  4. Whole Foods is simply the best!

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  5. Your little boys are darling! I so wish we had a Whole Foods near us but no such luck. So we do what we can at the regular grocery store. :) I'm a new follower from MBC. I'd love to have you stop by Ad Bits sometime!
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