Luke Update!

Today we had our dreaded visit to the Cardiologist, and I am glad to say ALL IS WELL! :) After a LONG almost 3 hour appointment full of blood pressure checks, EKG, lots of listening to the heart and an Echo scan, the doctor told us it is nothing more than an Innocent Heart Murmur! I was so relieved to hear those words!!

I was nervous the entire time because they would not tell me ANYTHING throughout the process, the only thing I knew was that he indeed has a murmur but they would not tell me the extent until after the Echo, which took forever! It is just like an ultrasound when your pregnant but 10 times LONGER! It was 25-30 mins and they had him wrapped up in warm blankets and he laid so perfectly still! I was so happy with him! The whole thing was so nerve-wracking because I had no clue what they were looking at, they took tons of pics and measured lots of things, which freaked me out because I thought it was for the worst of course every time she would slow it down and take tons of pics! 

But Luke is PERFECTLY fine! WHEW! 

Here is the little man from his appointment.... and guess what...He gained 1/2 pound in 4 days haha! He is non-stop with the weight gain! 

Thank you for ALL the prayers, it truly means the world to me!! xoxo


  1. I am so happy for you! That's great news!

  2. So happy things are going to be fine! What a little chunky monkey!