Luke's Baptism, Church Festival and Paintballing- Oh my!

Whew, one could say we had a busy weekend! This weekend we celebrated Luke's baptism with all our loved ones and it was a wonderful day! He did excellent, he slept through most of it (unlike Vincent who screamed through all of his!). But I will give big props to Vincent who sat through mass and then the entire baptism like an angel! He did amazing! He even managed to be in a great mood the whole day without a nap! But for my sake we will not be doing the 'no naps' on a daily basis! Here are some pictures from the baptism! 
I had been on the search for a tie for Vincent the whole week and had not found one, so I decided he could go without one, well Jordan and his brothers decided he needed one, and made a make shift one out of one of Jordan's ties! HAHA! I think he looked pretty snazzy! What a little stud muffin! :)

Vincent being a goof sitting with Great Grandpa during the baptism

Blessing over Luke

He really enjoyed the fire from is baptismal made him stop crying when he got a little fussy!

Jordan and I with Luke and his Godparents, Alex and Christina

The Godfathers of our boys, Uncle TJ and Uncle Alex

Following the baptism we had a cookout at our house with all our family and friends! Which I got NO PICTURES OF :( I guess that is what happens when you are breastfeeding, and visiting the entire day! But we loved getting to spend time with everyone! It was a beautiful day outside and Vincent had a blast running around getting ALL the attention from everyone! Like I said earlier, he skipped his nap, and was actually pleasant the entire day! It was all and all a perfect day!

Our church also had their yearly festival this weekend so we took the kids Saturday night and had a great time eating our way through it :), we had brats and fair frys, lemonade and a funnel cake! Talk about scrumptious! 

Grandma Hall even got corn, so of course Vincent had some of that! 

We are also learning the concept of sharing :)

The festival also has lots of fun for adults, complete with a beer garden and a legit casino, us Catholics know how to do it I guess!? So Sunday night my mom watched the boys (sleep lol) so we could get out of the house for a few hours for some "adult time"! 

We played our luck at the black jack tables, and failed to win, but it all goes to the church so it was more of a fun way to give an extra donation! We also decided to get in on the silent auction action and the boys found a Paint-ball Day for 8 people to have a day of paint-balling and lunch, so of course what do we do? We sit by the table til the last possible second to make a bid...and this is what it looks like when grown men win their silent auction item...

Yes we will be making a trip this fall to do some paint-balling, all 6 of us plus another couple! I have never been paint-balling and am not really sure if I will enjoy getting hit by balls, but I am up to the challenge! You are all going down :) 

Needless to say after this packed to the wall full of activities weekend, I am glad that we have an extra day to recuperate before Jordan has to go back to work! Hope you all had a great extended weekend! xoxo


  1. You will LOVE paintball!!! Serisouly it's so much fun!!

    PS. V and his tie....oh my gosh soooo cute!

  2. Looks like a beautiful day. God Bless!