Should I stay or Should I go now?

Yesterday night I packed Jordan's bag for his trip this week, Vincent of course helped (tore everything out that was folded and shoved it back in a little dismayed). He then proceeded to take Daddy's suitcase down the hallway and place it by the stairs. 

My little helper! :)

He double checked to make sure we had everything ready to go, which I made Jordan triple check to make sure lol You never know where toddlers will hide things! :)

And last but not least he made sure it was still sturdy and durable for Daddy's trip! 

Jordan wondered why Vincent was in such a rush to get rid of him! :) Don't worry Daddy we miss you TONS already! 

Tomorrow is this little "man of my dreams" cardiologist appointment! 

Okay so maybe he is not so "little", he is a chunker! Which gives me high hopes that there will be nothing wrong since he has yet to have any problems in the weight gaining area! 

I would like to think that I have not fallen into thinking of the "what-ifs" but I am only human and I have, but thankfully my husband is so positive and keeps me from getting in too deep of worrying! I also think I am way more confident as a mother since Luke is #2 and every time I worried with Vincent getting sick, he turned out to be fine! 

I am very proud of myself because if you know me personally, I am the world's biggest worrier and I always think something is going to go wrong and I will lay awake for hours at night worrying (which is really awesome with a newborn)....yet nothing has went wrong! So slowly but surely I am growing more confident in myself but mostly in God! I know that he will never give me more than I can handle.

No matter what the outcome is I know that we will get through it as a family! 

So please say a prayer tomorrow at 1:45 for Luke! Until then....xoxo


  1. I said a little prayer for Luke today - and one for Luke's mommy...I know what those trips to the cardiologists can be like!

  2. Sending prayers your way and keeping good thoughts for your little man. I can definitely relate to you, as I am the mommy that stresses over EVERYTHING! Just breathe and stay positive! (Easier said than done, I know).

  3. 2 Adorable boys!I am just like you, in fact I might worry more. I am constantly thinking "what-if". I was just born this way, lol. Haven t stopped by in a while, saying hi!