Sunday FUNday- Art Museum, Cathedral and Thurman Cafe!

We decided since we will be moving shortly that we should enjoy the time we have left living near some great things the city of Columbus has to offer so today we headed downtown with the boys to visit the Art Museum, St Joseph Cathedral and Thurman Cafe (featured on Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel for the best burgers)! My camera battery was dead but my cell phone camera got the job done! 

Coolest Elevator ever

Coolest painting of the day...


This also caught my eye... see if you can spot the funny answer! :) 

Kids say the darnedest things :) (Although I am sure a kid did not write that!)

Luke really enjoyed the museum!

They had two life size chess sets in the courtyard! This one was Alice and Wonderland themed!

Vincent enjoyed the other one!

Pulling and pushing the stroller has become a new favorite for V!

Walking to the cathedral

V was zonked out on the way home...

and last but not least we picked up burgers to-go from the Thurman Cafe! Here is why we did not even attempt to eat inside...

The restruant is truly TINY and crowded as all get out! There is maybe 15 tables, and it is all in one small room with a huge bar, not really the place for 2 kids under 2! Plus the wait is LONG! The reason we went was for Jordan to attack the Thurman-ator, the burger that was featured on Man vs. Food! 

I had a regular burger and it looked tiny compared to his.

MINE by the way was huge for a regular burger!

Jordan tackled the burger...

He let the burger win the challange, as he would rather have a content stomach than an upset stomach! :)

We had a great day in the city with our boys! Until next time! :)


  1. Oh my gosh those burgers look awesome!

  2. I ♥ Thurman Cafe! I've eaten there a few times - so yummy! They just did a blurb on a TV break during the OSU game this week! Looks like you guys had a great family outing!