This family is going.... ORGANIC!

Lately I have been thinking more and more about the food we eat, mostly what striked my really wanting to go all organic was seeing something on TV about how chickens were treated. I was seriously appalled by how sickly chickens are treated and how they are being pumped full of hormones and most can barely walk. Totally creeped me out and has turned me off of the chicken in super-markets. Thankfully the ground beef we had this past year was from my dad, they got an organic cow from a local farm and had it butchered into  every cut of meat you can imagine, and they shared with us! We are going to get in on that action next time! 

I have always done organic milk once Vincent made the switch to cows milk and lately it has just been really getting to me that I should be buying everything organic. I mostly have been hesitant because I am a HUGE saver when it comes to grocery and am always out to get a great deal...But am I getting a great deal for the health of my body and my family's body? Probably not.

This week I am going to shop at Whole Foods for our groceries, I know I am probably going to choke when I see our bill but I think that shopping there will keep unneeded snack items from jumping in the cart (minus my favorite Pirate's Booty) and will help keep us healthier! It will also help aid in the post pregnancy weight loss for me! :) BONUS! 

Lets hope the saying "Whole foods, Whole paycheck" does not apply! HAHA

Here is to us being happier and healthier! 


  1. We went organic awhile ago and it feels so great! I too was converted after watching a movie about the way animals are treated, all the hormones we put into our body, etc. And honestly, I have not noticed a huge difference (money wise) between shopping at Whole Foods vs. a regular grocery store. Some weeks the bill can be a bit larger, but overall it's not that bad. Have fun with it! You can find some really awesome stuff at Whole Foods.

  2. I shop at Whole Foods and find their store brand quality to be tasty and affordable. Start there and the sticker shock won't be so bad. I find my bill starts increasing when I wander down into the beauty aisle or also pick up liquor. At least I'm saving gas $ by doing one-stop shopping!

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  4. We've gone 'natural' as much as possible, but not always strictly organic. It's been a good change, but not always easy, I must admit. I know we all feel better without all the processed foods, for sure!

    New follower from MBC. And I love your playlist by the way! My kind of music! :)

    ~ Sweet Mummy
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  5. Organic... good for You, good for Earth. And whatever is bad for earth, will always be bad for you. Good choice!

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  6. Organic is the best! Lovely pics:) Following you from MBC. Hope to see you at my place sometime.

  7. I have thought about doing the same thing too but I am so worried about the price of everything, I am stopping by from a Friday Blog Hop hopefully you have the time to stop by my blog too and I'm your newest follower.