What happens when Vincent takes a "NAP"...

Okay so I went a little OVER the TOP picture happy today with Vincent but I could not help myself! He is such a little ham! I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I did...

Vincent has been not napping for a few weeks, he would seriously rater stay awake ALL day! He will take his sippy cup of milk to bed for a nap, then when a few minutes later he will start talking to himself...then playing, then sometimes he will doze off, then start talking and round and round! Usually I let him go at it for an hour or so (as long as he is not crying). I typically will peek my head in to find him laying staring at the ceiling with his legs kicked up on the crib rails crossed holding his elephant silky talking like a mad man! Mostly I let him go because when he does nap, he is serious about it! He takes sleep very seriously once he makes his way there! Anyways today we went shopping and he was such a trooper, I laid him down when we got home and I of course thought he had fallen asleep until he started talking, I decided to just get him up since he was clearly not going to sleep, well I walk into this...

I know your first thought is PEE, BUT it is not! lol It is his WHOLE sippy cup of MILK! It was ALL OVER! He even had it in his hair and it had made it sticky for the nice Ryan Cabrera look he is sporting! 

He then ran back and forth like a crazy man bouncing off the rails and then posed like a little monkey for me! He loves the camera now and especially likes when i say "CHHEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSEEEE!!"

Stop here if you do not enjoy pictures of V and his many faces! LOL Because there are a LOT! :) :) 

I warned you... there are a lot! But seriously how can you ever get tired of this face?!

I mean what is this!? HAHA

Then he proceeded to lay down in the milk to flash a few more smiles!

When I came across these next two my heart seriously dropped...He is losing that "baby" look and is becoming a little MAN! ((tears))

I do not know why these two pictures struck me so much but they did! The tears I shed were pure happiness that I am blessed with this little man as my son! (My husband is so laughing reading this because I cried haha I can literally hear him saying "OH GATOR" with a sigh)

After cleaning up from the nap we got the mail and low and behold our newest photo book arrived! Just in time to finish out our photo frenzy day! We sat down and read it together! 

Vincent then proceeded to chuck the book at Verner! ((sigh))

All these fun adventures happened while Luke does what he does best ((DURING THE DAY))....SLEEP! :)


  1. He is adorable! And at least it was only milk in his bed... I've walked into way worse! The things babies do when they should be sleeping are too funny!