Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween:Sneak Peek!

I know I announced to my FB friends what we had decided on for costumes for the boys...well by boys I mean Vincent and Verner, since Luke is too small to fit into the costume that matches Vincent.

 But here is Verner in his costume! 

You can tell how EXCITED he is and how well the doggie size large fits...NOT!

Anyway....any guessing on what Mr Vincent will be from seeing Verner??


If you guessed



Neither of them look thrilled but let me tell you..... THEY ARE! :)

Luke was also not too sure about his brother and his monkey business! 

I think Luke was just a little bitter that he was too small for the 0-6 months monkey outfit! It's okay though, Luke is going to be a cute ghost! :) We are very excited for Halloween around here! 


  1. HAHAH!!!! We had spider dog, and batman one year!

    Too cute!!!!!!

  2. Verner looks absolutely miserable. Poor guy. Vincent looks cute, I think Luke is sharing his opinion for Verner.

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