Road trip & a 1/2 birthday!

This past week we decided to do something out of the ordinary and travel with Jordan on a sales trip to Michigan...going into it I had imagined the worst case scenarios: screaming children in the hotel, not sleeping, me wanting to pull my hair out and just anything that could go wrong. Well the exact opposite happened! And I must say I am still in utter shock how it all played out! We left Monday afternoon and got to our hotel late that night, the room was perfect and huge, lots of room for V to run around...a small kitchen and there was even a jacuzzi tub in the corner of the room haha! 

While Jordan went to work me and the boys lounged around ALL day...Vincent skipped naps so we just cuddled and read books and ate food! haha Perfect day in my eyes! :)

The first night we went to a steakhouse, the kind where you can throw peanut shells on the floor....well while we were waiting for our table Vincent was the center of attention passing out peanuts to EVERYONE...and I mean EVERYONE!! They were all loving it!! I guess he is NOT shy!

We ended the first night with baths in the heart shaped tub... lol seriously heart shaped tub?! How weird!

The next day of course was MORE of us lounging! The boys were perfect minus the usual cries for being hungry and whining from not napping!

Luke was such a little trooper...he does not care where he is as long as he has a full belly, which is clear to see as he is a CHUNK! :)

The second night we went to dinner again, it was Vincent's 1/2 birthday... he is 1 1/2 now!! AHH!


Jordan taught V how to blow

He likes ribs just like his Daddy!

Vincent also debuted a new facial expression...

We came back to the room we celebrated and sang Happy 1/2 Birthday with a special treat! There was a cute bakery down the road so I took the boys there that afternoon!

Then  it was off to get fresh and clean in the tub....complete with the most bubbles Vincent has ever seen!

Bubble Monster!

Me and my little dude!

The last day was by far the biggest challenge for me as we left the hotel and the freedom of being able to lounge around all day. We dropped Jordan off at his sales call and had 7 hours of time to kill! But luckily I found one of my favorite stores ever....IKEA and it was only 5 minutes from where Jordan was!!!

It was heaven, we had a fun time and I got to check out the table and chairs I want for V's playroom! They have the best kids stuff! Vincent even made a new friends!

After Ikea, we found an outlet mall which was fun for 5 minutes until V threw the world's biggest know the ones you see kids throw and you feel horrid for their parents...YA THAT KIND! We quickly checked out and raced out to the car! He was exhausted and totally over the trip and I felt bad for him! But he is a trooper and tried his best to be positive the entire trip! Jordan did not get out on time so we had to wait around for him, which was a little painful with screaming kids who want out of the car...but this is where the minivan came in BIG! I had the liberty to jump in the back and feed Luke, Vincent was free to roam around and do whatever, I had room to change both the boys diapers and just room to breathe! It's like a home on wheels haha!! We decided next time we do the trip we will get a hotel the last day instead of driving home so the boys won't be stuck in the car all day!

The trip turned out better than we could of imagined...with a few changes the next trip will be even better!! I loved every moment of it even with the screaming and crabbiness it was nice to get out of the house and explore a new city and state! I fully loved Michigan and all it had to offer! Cannot wait to go back!! 


  1. I always imagine the worst for traveling...usually because it is the worst but love that surprises that are pleasant! So glad it was fun! What precious boys!

  2. The boys are getting so big! Luke is just a doll and who cute that Vincent was passing out peanuts. Thanks for stopping by today - great comment!