What would you tell yourself pre-motherhood!?

Last month one night when I was up late and could not sleep since Luke was eating pretty much every hour I was doing what I do best that is... stalking blogs! A friend of mines sister in law was due any day and I had been following her blog to see if there were any updates, well she had this great video posted and I watched it and sobbed...and it is all SO TRUE! I LOVE MOTHERHOOD!

So I ask you this.... What would you tell yourself pre-motherhood?

The answers I came up with are these:

You will be not only peed on but POOPED on and BOTH can stream further than imagined! 

Any pain you feel from childbirth disappears instantly!

Your life will soon be complete!

God gives you miracles!

Your boobs will leak in public...but you can cover it with that cute little baby in your arms! :)

You are amazing!

ENJOY THE VIDEO....I know I did!! 

My favorite from the video ESPECIALLY for me is : Google doesn't have children 

Have a great Thursday! xoxo

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