12 days...

12 days to pack the entire house for the move! As you can see I have to be speedy with taping the boxes shut so little hands do not rip everything out! I guess I am thankful that Luke is not mobile yet so I just have to watch V from swiping stuff and also adding random things into the boxes! I cannot wait to see all the random toys we find when we unpack! I told Jordan that I would pack the entire house so he would not have to worry and could just focus on work...so say a prayer that I can get it done, or at least most of it! 

I am beyond excited to get settled and put up the Christmas decor, even though we will only have 2 weeks before Christmas from the date we move! I am in shock that the holidays crept up so quickly! I am loving all the Christmas lights and trees I have been seeing but I am dreading the snow as always...yuck!! Well I am back to packing (yay).... Don't forget you have until Friday to enter the giveaway! xoxo

Personalized Tree Skirt from VinylGeorge GIVEAWAY!

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

I promised I had some goodies up my sleeve for this holiday and I am proud to be doing a giveaway with Julie from VinylGeorge. She has amazing personalized items that are perfect for your family and also great gifts for the season! What I like about items like hers is that no one else will have the same item since it is custom made by Julie! Not only does she do custom embroidered items but also custom cards, invitations and announcements and also has new exciting plans for the spring! She is a jack of all trades in the world of Etsy!

Here is a bio from Julie:

Hey guys! My name is Julie and I am the Owner/Designer of VinylGeorge. I have been handcrafting memories for my customers for over 15years. I aspire to create & design something for them that will last a lifetime! This Holiday Season I am focusing on Embroidered Christmas Tree Skirts, Stockings and Christmas Kitchen Towel Sets. I personalize them with my Bernina Embroidery Machine, and can put Family Names, Personal Names, Designs, or Phrases on pretty much anything! I also handcraft Composite Journals (usually best in the Spring) as well as Invitations and Announcements for ANY Occasion! I have done 8 Weddings ranging from a Vegas Style Wedding Theme to a Biker Theme, and all of my designs are personal to the Bride and Groom. If it puts a smile on someone’s face, that is my full intention! I am looking forward to this Spring to introduce my new line of Doggie Rocker Tees, a silk-screened t-shirt for doggies all over the world! The designs will feature some exciting new spins on Rock Bands and various Rocker Styles. Coming Soon, so stay tuned…..February 2011!!!

How cute is this tree skirt? Talk about a perfect gift or it is yours for free if you win our giveaway!
Custom Embroidered Christmas Tree Skirt

I love these Custom stockings
Custom Embroidered Christmas Stocking

So darn cute, and she has so many options!
Let It Snow Kitchen Towel Set

Outside of Christmas stuff I am totally digging her journals...

Splash of Orange Journal

and how cute are her custom made cards!

Vintage Little Buddy Card


Julie is offering one lucky winner a free personalized tree-skirt for your Christmas tree this year! ($45 Value)

Custom Embroidered Christmas Tree Skirt

Custom Embroidered Christmas Tree Skirt

Here are the ways to enter:

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Entries will end Friday December 3rd @12:00 pm

And a bonus to everyone so you can all be winners Julie is offering 20% OFF (code-CMAS20) if you mention my blog in seller section and also if you make a purchase before midnight (11/29) tonight you will receive a coupon for 30% OFF your second purchase! 

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Disclosure: .No monetary compensation was received for this giveaway. This is my completely honest opinion above and may differ from yours. Because I do not directly ship most giveaways from my home, I cannot be held liable for lost or not received products. This giveaway will end on December 3rd, 2010 at 11:59 am EST. Random.org will select the winner. I will contact you by email (please post with comments if it is not on your profile). You will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is picked.Good luck!

Be sure to check out Julies website

OH Turkey Day...

Actually make that turkey days...since both our parents are divorced we ate a TON over the holiday weekend! My stomach still hurts thinking about it! Going into the holiday I was getting closer to my pre-baby weight but I am not one to turn away pie...or cookies...or anything sweet for that matter! Thank God there is a few weeks before Christmas to rest my stomach! I am already looking forward to making lots of Christmas treats and PB fudge is a HUGE priority for me this year...the other day we stopped at the chocolate store and got a huge buckeye and since then I have been craving something peanut buttery so fudge makes the most sense right? Well here are pics from our Thanksgiving holiday weekend! 

So sweet of Luke to pick this outfit!

This get-up was for Uncle TJ...Go LeBron!! :)

Look Luke fits perfectly

A little husband and wife bonding...lol 

and seriously we never take family pictures...I really need to have someone take one of us 4! Maybe on Christmas we will get that done! But it was so amazing to get to spend time with both of our families! I am so thankful for all the love in our families, and am very blessed!

Now onto my turkey oreos! I saw these online last week and decided I needed to make them... I changed it up and put them on top of cupcakes instead of just on oreos but anyway... they took forever to make! But I got through it...and here they are! Cute little suckers!

I hope you all had an amazing holiday! xoxo

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3 1/2 Months?

Luke is growing so insanely fast and I knew he was pretty chunky then yesterday we went shopping for Christmas and needless to say he fit pretty snuggly in this fleece one piece that he gets an early present because who knows how much he will grow in this next month! He is pushing 18lbs and this outfit is 6-12 months!! My baby is changing so much!

I have a ton of pictures from the Thanksgiving weekend and I am so sad I did not get to post my oreo turkey recipe before the holiday but my laptop crashed from viruses but luckily my smart husband fixed her back to health! I was going through major blog withdrawal! I will get back on track this week but I wanted to leave you with a few Luke pics for your Sunday!! 

In other news I have decided to start doing a few reviews and giveaways a month on cute baby things so keep checking back as I have the cutest stuff coming!! More this week!! Until then this tired mommy is going to get started on packing...we move in 13 DAYS!!!!!!! xoxoox!

All about ME in 30 Days- Day 6- 20 Favorite Things

1. Jordan- The love of my life!

2. Vincent- my crazy brown eyed boy who gives the worlds best kisses!

3. Luke- My happy blue eyed man who makes the cutest noises!

4. Being Catholic- I became Catholic 2 years ago and it is a HUGE part of our lives! I am so excited to raise my kids with a great faith

5. Our Families- Both immediate and extended! I love ALL our family, Verner is included here as well! :)

6. Holidays- Everything about holidays make my excited and giddy! I love decorating and having a reason to bake! :)

7. Baking and Cooking- Anything and everything!

8. Showers- Sometimes my only peace and quiet moment to a day lol

9. Vacations- I could lay on the beach all day and sun bathe but Jordan is a sight-seer and gets antsy so I am starting to venture out of my "ideal lazy" vacation to accommodate us both, plus I do not see much sunbathing in my future with all boys!

10. Grocery Shopping- LOVE IT! I seriously get a shopper's high from it!

11. Clothing- Mostly has turned into boys clothing...I love buying them clothes!

12. DVR for ALL my shows

13. People magazine and gossip stuff!

14. Cruises- Can we say all you can eat food?!? I guess the tropical locations are pretty cool too! :)

15. Annie's Cheddar Bunny Snack Mix

16. CHOCOLATE...I need to control this one!

17. Skinny Jeans...I am almost back in them!! YAY!! I probably would be if it weren't for #16!

18. Nordstrom Cafe...mmm...makes my mouth water

19. Cheerleading...and yes it is a sport...I hope to get my standing tuck back next year!

20. Capturing moments in pictures- I LOVE pictures! My boys will never have a missed moment of their childhood!

What us adults do for fun!

We had a game night last night and I was telling my friends how on New Years I want to play "Minute to Win it" games, and I was explaining the Oreo game, and realized that we indeed had Oreos in the kitchen so we started to do the Oreo challenge! It was hilarious! I could not do it last night but this morning I woke up and Jordan and I had round 2 of the Oreo challenge and I can NOW do it! Watch out everyone...we will be the team to beat on New Years! haha!

PS Luke joined the fun...he was awesome at it...just kidding!

 But Vincent found it really funny when Jordan and I did it this morning! I am sure he will now be putting cookies on his forehead!

Here is a video Harold (trying his best) and Jordan and Steph dominating!

Chili Cook-off!

On Friday we went to the Chili Cook-off @ OSU to support our friend Stephanie, she is a pharmacy student and they do an annual Chili Cook-Off to benefit James Cancer Hospital! It was a total blast! There were over 40 different Chili's and lots of fun stuff for the kids, Vincent got a balloon animal doggie! :) Here are some pics from the night!

Vincent may have swiped this fun mustache from the photo booth! 

Jordan would not participate in the mustache fun... I guess every party has to have a pooper... and he was the pooper :)

After our night of fun it was bath time! I usually just give Luke a quick bath in the big tub with Vincent but I decided to see how he liked the baby bath to himself!

Vincent missed Luke in the big bath so he leaned over to help!

I swear he is HUGGGGE!! 

Lukes turn with the stache

I will still be doing All About Me in 30 days (posts) but I wanted to spruce up the blog with pictures of my boys! :) Hope you all have an amazing holiday week! I cannot wait to spend it with all our loved ones...but once we return from the holiday weekend its FULL ON packing mode...we move Dec 11th!! Craziness!! Until next time....xoxo

All about ME in 30 Days- Day 5- Favorite Quote

This is my all time favorite quote. It is the way I look at things in life. No matter what comes up, good or bad, God is there beside me to pull me through it! He strengthens me not only to get through tough times but also strengthens my faith so I can spread His teachings to others, most importantly my children. No matter how weak we are, He is there to pull us up off the ground! 

All about ME in 30 Days- Day 4- Favorite Book

I usually never like to read mostly because it bores me to death but lately I have found a love for reading right before I go to sleep! I have finished all 3 of Tori Spelling's books within the last few weeks! If you could tell by my TV shows I love reality things and these books are about her life growing up then most interesting to me is her journey through pregnancy and 2 under 2! 

I loved all of them and cannot wait for her to write another! As of now I do not have a favorite book persay but I would highly reccommend Tori Spellings 3 books: STori Telling, Mommywood and Unchartered TerriTori! They were all equally good in my mind! I am in look of some new books but just have not found the right ones yet...if you have any suggestions let me know, Jordan is getting an IPad so I am hoping to just read on that (if he lets me!) but please fill me in on any good books!! 

Wordless Wednesday- My Overfed Reindeer! :)

Luke the reindeer hasn't missed many meals!

Day 3- Favorite TV Show

Boy oh boy...I have so many shows that I love...I will just pick my top categories!

First I have my "teen" shows
Jordan makes fun of me all the time for the teenage shows I watch for example I love 90210, Secrets of an American Teenager and Make it or Break it! I love 90210 since I grew up watching the first series of it so that means I have to watch the new series right?! haha Sounds good to me because I love it! Now with Secret Life I really do not know why I watch it, it just sucks me in, I mean the acting is not that swell but I always seem to want to keep up with it....sometimes I fastforward through the lame parts...I am really just interested in Amy and Ricky! Make it or Break It is a given since I did Gymnastics and Cheerleading my entire life, I love it! I must say out of all my "teen" shows that Make it or Break It is the best...I cannot wait for the next season!

Second, I have my love for REALITY TV!
The Real Housewives of NJ, OC and DC had me hooked! I loved them! New Jersey was by far my favorite and I love Theresa! She is amazing! DC started off kind of slow but I loved Cat and her honesty! I am hoping DC or NJ comes back for another season because I love their drama! Next in reality world is Teen Mom, I was totally hooked on this show! I love to see all the moms and their babies! At first I really did not care for Farrah but this season I began to like her more! I think that is it for my reality fix!

Semi-Reality shows, lol I know these shows are probably staged but that does not make me love them ANY less...Keeping up with The Kardashians, Guiliana and Bill (Jordan is just like Bill!), Tori and Dean (I am just like Tori minus the fake boobs and tan! haha), and Kendra! All of them have special places in my heart! It is pretty pathetic because it is like I know them personally at times haha! They really suck me into their lives! Darn them!

Shows that my husband will ACTUALLY watch with me!
There are actually a good chunk of shows that Jordan and I love to watch together...our main one right now is Prison Break, we had watched the final season last year and never caught the full story line of the first seasons and fate has it that they have 2 episodes (reruns) a day on and we got to start at season one a few weeks ago! Talk about addicting! The first season was truly amazing! I love it! We are in season 2 and its still solid! I already know how it ends but its nice to fill in the blanks!

We also love Auction Kings and American Pickers! Those shows totally suck me in! I love all the crazy things they find and the people that they meet along the way! I love Auction Kings because you actually get to see the price the items sell for! It makes me want to go find some treasures of my own!

Okay and last but not least....Parenthood! I did not watch the first season but I fell in love with it this year! I love all the characters and it is a true good hearted show! 

Whew!! That is all...thank God for DVR so I can semi keep up with all my shows! I know I have a crazy variety but I love them all for one reason or another, they all suit my crazy personality!