3 1/2 Months?

Luke is growing so insanely fast and I knew he was pretty chunky then yesterday we went shopping for Christmas and needless to say he fit pretty snuggly in this fleece one piece that he gets an early present because who knows how much he will grow in this next month! He is pushing 18lbs and this outfit is 6-12 months!! My baby is changing so much!

I have a ton of pictures from the Thanksgiving weekend and I am so sad I did not get to post my oreo turkey recipe before the holiday but my laptop crashed from viruses but luckily my smart husband fixed her back to health! I was going through major blog withdrawal! I will get back on track this week but I wanted to leave you with a few Luke pics for your Sunday!! 

In other news I have decided to start doing a few reviews and giveaways a month on cute baby things so keep checking back as I have the cutest stuff coming!! More this week!! Until then this tired mommy is going to get started on packing...we move in 13 DAYS!!!!!!! xoxoox!


  1. Sophie fits in 6-9 months stuff! 3-6 month clothes are snug on her! She is a chunk. I love it. Luke is soo cute. Brice and I are moving this coming Saturday. Yikes! I hate moving!

  2. Oh my that outfit is ridiculous! Soooooo cute!!! I love that he is a chunky monkey! It's so cute!

  3. Umm, can you say ADORABLE?!? There is nothing cuter than a chubby, happy baby!