All About Me in 30 Days- Day 1- Favorite Songs!

I LOVE music! It seriously has a way of lifting my spirits and I do not just like one type of music, I pretty much like it all, minus the really heavy metal death hell satan stuff! I typically like songs I can sing along to and dance around to with the boys! But when it comes to favorite songs I cannot narrow it down since I love so many for so many different reasons! If you look at my playlist at the bottom of my blog it has my current favorite songs but the song playing now is Sugarland- Stuck Like Glue...

Get ‘Stuck Like Glue’ with Sugarland’s new video

I had NO clue this song even exsisted until my husband was walking around the house singing it to the boys and our dog! haha "Ut Ohhh Ut Ohh Stuck like glue, you and me Verner we're stuck like glue", was what I would hear him singing around the house, I asked if he made it up (since he likes to make silly songs) or if it was real and he told me he had heard it waiting at the dentists and it stuck with him and NOW it's stuck like glue to me! haha! I's a cute song and I cannot get it out of my head, thanks babe! :)

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  1. Love Sugarland! Abby sings along to that song... "uh oh uh oh" too cute!