All about ME in 30 Days- Day 4- Favorite Book

I usually never like to read mostly because it bores me to death but lately I have found a love for reading right before I go to sleep! I have finished all 3 of Tori Spelling's books within the last few weeks! If you could tell by my TV shows I love reality things and these books are about her life growing up then most interesting to me is her journey through pregnancy and 2 under 2! 

I loved all of them and cannot wait for her to write another! As of now I do not have a favorite book persay but I would highly reccommend Tori Spellings 3 books: STori Telling, Mommywood and Unchartered TerriTori! They were all equally good in my mind! I am in look of some new books but just have not found the right ones yet...if you have any suggestions let me know, Jordan is getting an IPad so I am hoping to just read on that (if he lets me!) but please fill me in on any good books!! 

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