All about ME in 30 Days- Day 6- 20 Favorite Things

1. Jordan- The love of my life!

2. Vincent- my crazy brown eyed boy who gives the worlds best kisses!

3. Luke- My happy blue eyed man who makes the cutest noises!

4. Being Catholic- I became Catholic 2 years ago and it is a HUGE part of our lives! I am so excited to raise my kids with a great faith

5. Our Families- Both immediate and extended! I love ALL our family, Verner is included here as well! :)

6. Holidays- Everything about holidays make my excited and giddy! I love decorating and having a reason to bake! :)

7. Baking and Cooking- Anything and everything!

8. Showers- Sometimes my only peace and quiet moment to a day lol

9. Vacations- I could lay on the beach all day and sun bathe but Jordan is a sight-seer and gets antsy so I am starting to venture out of my "ideal lazy" vacation to accommodate us both, plus I do not see much sunbathing in my future with all boys!

10. Grocery Shopping- LOVE IT! I seriously get a shopper's high from it!

11. Clothing- Mostly has turned into boys clothing...I love buying them clothes!

12. DVR for ALL my shows

13. People magazine and gossip stuff!

14. Cruises- Can we say all you can eat food?!? I guess the tropical locations are pretty cool too! :)

15. Annie's Cheddar Bunny Snack Mix

16. CHOCOLATE...I need to control this one!

17. Skinny Jeans...I am almost back in them!! YAY!! I probably would be if it weren't for #16!

18. Nordstrom Cafe...mmm...makes my mouth water

19. Cheerleading...and yes it is a sport...I hope to get my standing tuck back next year!

20. Capturing moments in pictures- I LOVE pictures! My boys will never have a missed moment of their childhood!

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