Chili Cook-off!

On Friday we went to the Chili Cook-off @ OSU to support our friend Stephanie, she is a pharmacy student and they do an annual Chili Cook-Off to benefit James Cancer Hospital! It was a total blast! There were over 40 different Chili's and lots of fun stuff for the kids, Vincent got a balloon animal doggie! :) Here are some pics from the night!

Vincent may have swiped this fun mustache from the photo booth! 

Jordan would not participate in the mustache fun... I guess every party has to have a pooper... and he was the pooper :)

After our night of fun it was bath time! I usually just give Luke a quick bath in the big tub with Vincent but I decided to see how he liked the baby bath to himself!

Vincent missed Luke in the big bath so he leaned over to help!

I swear he is HUGGGGE!! 

Lukes turn with the stache

I will still be doing All About Me in 30 days (posts) but I wanted to spruce up the blog with pictures of my boys! :) Hope you all have an amazing holiday week! I cannot wait to spend it with all our loved ones...but once we return from the holiday weekend its FULL ON packing mode...we move Dec 11th!! Craziness!! Until next time....xoxo

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  1. Ahhh looks like so much fun! I don't think Josh would have participated in mustache fun either! Party poopers! haha