OH Turkey Day...

Actually make that turkey days...since both our parents are divorced we ate a TON over the holiday weekend! My stomach still hurts thinking about it! Going into the holiday I was getting closer to my pre-baby weight but I am not one to turn away pie...or cookies...or anything sweet for that matter! Thank God there is a few weeks before Christmas to rest my stomach! I am already looking forward to making lots of Christmas treats and PB fudge is a HUGE priority for me this year...the other day we stopped at the chocolate store and got a huge buckeye and since then I have been craving something peanut buttery so fudge makes the most sense right? Well here are pics from our Thanksgiving holiday weekend! 

So sweet of Luke to pick this outfit!

This get-up was for Uncle TJ...Go LeBron!! :)

Look Luke fits perfectly

A little husband and wife bonding...lol 

and seriously we never take family pictures...I really need to have someone take one of us 4! Maybe on Christmas we will get that done! But it was so amazing to get to spend time with both of our families! I am so thankful for all the love in our families, and am very blessed!

Now onto my turkey oreos! I saw these online last week and decided I needed to make them... I changed it up and put them on top of cupcakes instead of just on oreos but anyway... they took forever to make! But I got through it...and here they are! Cute little suckers!

I hope you all had an amazing holiday! xoxo

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