Paintball Adventure!

Jordan...intense paint-baller!

A few weeks ago we went paintballing with a group of friends! The boys were clearly pumped from the minute we won the tickets in a silent auction a few months ago! They have literally been counting down the days...mainly because I think they enjoyed the chance to be able to shoot us girls and not get in trouble...since it's just a game! :) Luckily Jordan did not shoot me...thank you baby! We had waited to go until October hoping it would be cold so we could wear lots of layers...of course they day we went it was hot! So layers only made it worse!

At first we just played with our group of 8 which was a total blast! Even though the boys were dominating us...we hung in there! I'm not going to lie...I only got hit once the entire day mostly because the time I got hit it HURT so incredibly bad so every time I was getting shot at I surrendered! Laugh all you want but getting hit is not enjoyable! I can tolerate pain...clearly I gave birth naturally twice but at the end of birth you get a child that makes you forget about all the paintball you get nothing...but a HUGE WELT! Not my cup of tea! I really wish paintballing we would be easier like how they showed it in the movie "10 Things I Hate About You!" I mean that looks like a blast... you get covered in paint and it's not painful! I would love to do that...real paintballing was not what I expected and there were some people there who get really into it!

I am pretty sure Steph shot him in the face...don't worry he was wearing a mask!!

You had us...pretty much newbies and then there were people in FULL body protection and I did not want to play against them! haha! After we played with just our group they added us to a group of strangers...YAY....NOT! It is very intimidating playing against people you do not know...I mean the our group took it easy on us...but strangers would have no mercy! Before we started I raised my hand and made an announcement to the strangers, I said "If you are going to shoot me...please do not... I will surrender so there is NO NEED to hit me!" They all laughed but I could see they probably wanted to shoot me more! During those games I just hid and let our boys take care of it! Totally worked out! After a few hours I was totally done....but the boys were just getting started! Thankfully my friend Steph agreed so we hung back while the boys went out and played! 
Harold in the heat of the moment!

They played til the last moment and they were intense... taking on some high school kids! haha! We snuck back and watched is very entertaining! They are so intense... you could hear them yelling "Jordan to the left!" or "They are coming up from the right!" All in all it was a fun new experience... next time I would want to take a big group of friends so we do not have to play with strangers... and definitely would go on a colder day! I think I will have to give paintball another try in the future as I am sure my boys will want to play when they get older and I do not want to be a boring mom, so I will have to suck it up and get better at the game!

The boys after kicking some kids butts on the field!

On to the last mission!

By the way... it has been two weeks and Jordan still has welts all over his body!! 
The men after a long day of paint ball

Have you ever been paintballing? If so, what were your thoughts?


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