What us adults do for fun!

We had a game night last night and I was telling my friends how on New Years I want to play "Minute to Win it" games, and I was explaining the Oreo game, and realized that we indeed had Oreos in the kitchen so we started to do the Oreo challenge! It was hilarious! I could not do it last night but this morning I woke up and Jordan and I had round 2 of the Oreo challenge and I can NOW do it! Watch out everyone...we will be the team to beat on New Years! haha!

PS Luke joined the fun...he was awesome at it...just kidding!

 But Vincent found it really funny when Jordan and I did it this morning! I am sure he will now be putting cookies on his forehead!

Here is a video Harold (trying his best) and Jordan and Steph dominating!


  1. So I found myself moving my eyebrows and mouth while watching the video, and I didn't even have a cookie on my face!! LOL!! So funny!!