Merry Christmas...a few days late!

I am FINALLY posting pictures from our Christmas, since we did not just have one day of Christmas, our spanned from Christmas Eve (Friday) all the way to Monday! That is right 4 days of gifts and family, I guess that is what you get when both of your parents are divorced, but all I see it as is more quality time to spend with each set of our parents! The boys got a ton of stuff! Which is kind of funny because we bought them NO GIFTS lol! Okay, okay that may seem a little harsh but really they have NO CLUE what is going on yet to appreciate and understand gifts, plus we buy them things as they need them throughout the year and as I said earlier they had 4 days of presents, so it worked out nice for us and for them to not get TOO much stuff!

Okay I lied, we got them one thing...a bounce house for the toy room. The funny thing is we bought it last April for Vincent's birthday but never put it up since we had the house for sale and were moving, so that counts as a gift right! :)

 I really have NO clue what they will need for their birthdays seeing as they have EVERYTHING little boys could ever want! We purged the toy room before we added the new toys and got rid of things they did not play with to donate. Anyways enough about toys. 

We had a great holiday filled with LOTS of food and family time! I loved every minute of it! That is truly the best part of the holidays is getting to relax and spend time with our families! Ah, if only everyday were a holiday! 

Here are some pics from the festivities!! Enjoy 4 days worth of fun! :)

The only time Luke was quiet! haha

Jordans twin Alex loves doing this trick! :)

Uncle TJ making Luke HAPPY!! :)

Jordan and V before Mass

Vincent and I

V petting Luke lol!

Our Family


I guess bad kids go in Verner's cage

Luke and I opening gifts!

 Dinner @ our house... note the classy china...solo plates and cups!! SO MUCH EASIER for clean up!! :)

Me and the boys

Praying the rosary for night time prayers

MORE presents

Luke is telling me to back away from his toy! haha

Yoga in his new PJs!

The boys ending the night with one of the recordable books Jordan's mom made! They are the coolest!!

All in all we had an amazing holiday! I hope you all did as well!!

One last picture of little Luke to send you off with...

Have a safe New Year's Eve tomorrow!! 

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Thanks Ikea....{NOT!}

A few weeks ago I had wrote a post about how annoyed I was with can find that post here. Well I emailed them and explained the situation and received an email back saying they forwarded the problem to the store I visited. A few days later I received a letter in the mail, usually stores will do a little something extra to keep their customers happy and coming back, well my letter stated how valuable of a customer I am and inside the envelope was 4 cards that were from them to apologize and to hopefully bring me back in so they could change my mind on their incompetence. 

The cards were for free desserts...okay I guess, I do like sweets. But they were for a free dessert WITH A PURCHASE OF AN ENTRÉE! lol 

So Ikea you are telling me you want me to drive an hour there to give you money for an entrée then you will give me a free dessert for all the trouble I encountered on my last visit...GEEE THANKS, what a great deal! I am pretty sure I can whip up a ton of desserts in the warmth of my own home for less than it costs to drive there and pay for an entrée! I actually wanted to send the letter and cards back but I decided that was way too much trouble for me, so I ripped it up and moved on with my day. {Shaking my head in disbelief}

Like I said last time, I would love to boycott Ikea, but their kids stuff is TOO darn cute!

 Oh well. It is what it is!

Until next time...xoxo

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Wordless Wednesday- Handy Vincent

V was so helpful with the table and chairs for the eat in kitchen! Sit down at your own risk at the table! Joking, Jordan made sure to fix all our mistakes so she is good and sturdy!


Today was one of those days where I was too lazy to even put my contacts in, so I wore glasses all day long...I had to grocery shop but did I get dressed...NO, I definitely wore sweats...i threw on my pea coat and a pair of flats...Talk about classy! I do what I can! My body is still in a coma from ALL of the food I ate over the holidays!! These were a killer, they did me in...

I do not know why I insisted on making so many sweets! I kept telling myself "Its for the holidays!" yet I ate it all like it was going out of style! I seriously could not stop myself...finally on Sunday I made my sister in law take all of the left over cookies, fudge and chocolates with her to her lab for them to eat!! But I still found myself craving something sweet after they left the house! I guess I am in the detox period and it sucks! lol  The good news is that I am going to try to finally get rid of my baby weight from Luke, I still have 10lbs...UGGGGHH! I was doing well until the holidays!

I decided I need to actually follow through and get rid of the last pounds so I joined a gym last week! I usually would not go to a gym but this one is for women only (so no girls getting all pretty to show off for me, gag me- thank God) and they have child care so I can take both of the boys if need be! Also they offer all the classes I want in my monthly fee! My husband thinks I will not use it, since I tend to not follow through (he's right) but I want to follow through so I can actually wear my jeans the right way! lol I can get them on and over my hips but I cannot button them technically I am not back in them....UGGH! Soon enough...soon enough! I am sure my husband will be excited to see his wife in something other than sweats or jeans that do not fit *talk about sexy*, sorry baby! Anyways it is time to think about fruits, veggies, and working out....yay (shaking my head NOOO)

Speaking of Veggies, I have this AMAZING Broccoli Salad I wanted to share that I made over the holidays...I am obsessed with it and my family loved it!! YUMMMM

Broccoli Salad

2 bags of pre-cut Organic Broccoli
1/2 red onion (diced)
1/2 cup Pistachios
1/2 cup dried cranberries
6-8 slices of bacon (diced up)

1/2 cup light mayo
1/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

I cannot explain to you HOW GOOD this salad is!! I made the salad again tonight because I was craving something sweet (who would have guessed) but I can justify it...hello it is called a BROCCOLI salad right!!:) 

Until next time...xoxo

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The famous lip tuck!

Around 6 months Vincent debuted his little lip tucking smirk... see below.

This weekend Luke has also started the lip tuck. I love when they do similar things!

I love these little stinkers! 

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Lots of love!

Wishing you and your families a blessed Christmas...
and yes this is Nsync playing in the background!
Love this song!

Here is a sweet picture of the boys from today...more to come after the madness dies down!! xoxo

A peek into the kitchen...

All week the kitchen has been my go to place (Its my favorite place in the house)...I am on a baking frenzy! Today I am going to finish up on all the cookies for this weekend! I love LOVE love baking and making sweets...oh and eating them is also nice! Nice for the taste but not for my waist, oh well that is what New Years Resolutions are for right!??? Here is a few pics of the goodies being created!


Why not come up with random creations...pretzels with peanut butter...

It was clearly missing one thing..CHOCOLATE!:)

They are tasty little suckers!

Scotcheroos....these may be hands down my all time favorite dessert!

And no joke last night around 8ish I decided I felt the need to make my favorite fudge...
Killer Crack Peanut Butter Fudge

My cute little helper hiding...

By the way here is a little sneak peek of a few things I am coming up with to do on the side with my mother-in-law (Full House Creations COMING SOON)...

I will take tons more pictures of the treats happening in my kitchen before I take them to all our families for them to enjoy! Are you on a baking frenzy like me? If so whats your favorite treat? 

Off to make cookies!!! xoxo

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Wordless Wednesday- The tree star through the years!




Show Me Your Tree

Free German Shepherd....

Does anyone want a German Shepherd...

Totally joking but I may kill him if he does NOT STOP pooping on the floor in our new house! He was completely house broken and since we moved has pooped almost 6 times and also peep on the carpet! Last night he pooped on the new rug in the playroom and today he pooped in the middle of the nursery. Its not just small piles of poop either, he is a large dog and so is his poo! I pray that he stops this crap soon (no pun intended) 

I want our well trained Vern pup back!! Hopefully he will change his ways soon!! lol We want to breed him and keep one of the puppies but when this stuff occurs it makes me not want another! AHHHH....I love our dog but sometimes he really gets my temper flaring!! 

It's beginning...

to look a lot like Christmas! Yes...I know we are so behind on all this! I cannot believe Christmas is in 5 days! What is going on, the time has flown by so insanely quick! I guess that is what happens when you are busy packing then moving 2 weeks before Christmas and then finally getting somewhat settled into your new house! Ahhhh! The good news is that we finally got a tree on Friday and my oh my is she LARGE...We did not have time to decorate it until yesterday as we had tons of fun stuff happening (Zoo lights and a Christmas party), but here she is in all her glory....

She fell down when we were at our Christmas Party Saturday so I am hoping that does not happen again!!

Here was some pics before she looked pretty!! :)

Thank God we had her cut, she almost didn't fit!

Well Vincent just woke up... time to stop blogging! Until next time...xoxo