4 months and counting...

Luke turned 4 months this past Monday! It is seriously flying by so fast, it all seems to just flow together, I guess it is probably the sleep deprivation that I had hoped would be long gone! So clearly he is still not sleeping through the night! I am lucky to get 4 hours max! I am going to start solids hopefully next week so his belly will stay fuller for longer (as if his belly needs to be any bigger!) He is in 6-12 months clothing and slowly working his way to 12-18 months! He is wearing the same size Vincent wore at this time last year, but Vincent was 8 months not 4 months! lol I figured I would post a few pictures of Luke over these past 4 months! He has changed so much! He is slowly leaving the baby stage with everyday that passes! :(


It breaks my heart but at the same time I love seeing him grow into his personality! I cannot wait for the months to come, as I am sure the crawling is just around the corner...along with teething (yay). I am praying he is tough like Vincent with teething...Vincent pops teeth like its his job and never takes Tylenol for the pain. So I am hoping for Luke to be the same lol! 

On a side note, we finally got our tree today! Yes I know we are really close to Christmas, but thats what we get for moving in the middle of December! We also went to the zoo tonight for Zoo Lights, Vincent loved it! It was really fun and beyond beautiful! I will post pics this week!! Until then have a great weekend! xoxo

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  1. OMG!!! New to your blog but I hope you don't mind me drooling over your little man!! HE is soooo adorable!! LOVE CHUNKY BABIES!!!

  2. We just got our tree tonight too! Looks like we're on the same schedule!

    Luke is growing fast and he is such a cutie! I would have loved to go to Zoo lights but we moved to far from the zoo to fit it in this year. This year the zoo by us offered it for free so hopefully we'll get there next year!

    Hope your all enjoying your new home!