Back to REALITY...and my love/hate relationship with Ikea!

WOW...This week I did a total of 4 giveaways thinking that would be easier then updating on the big move and our life! Boy was I wrong, the giveaways took up a good chunk of time! I am going to slow down one giveaways for a little as I am working on a few special things of my own! Plus I feel like I have been so unconnected to the purpose of my blog- my boys! But none the less enter the crap out of my 4 giveaways! I only do giveaways for products I myself would buy! So trust me it's good stuff!

We are officially in the new house! YAY! We moved Saturday which was insane, thankfully we had help on both ends of the move to load and unload! The house is slowly but surely coming together, I took one room at a time and am slowly working my way to being done! I will update pictures as soon as I complete rooms! 

My mom and I took a trip to Ikea (only 1 hour away!!) on Tuesday to get a few more things for the house, I can not explain to you how crazy it was! The kids were actually perfect, that is until we got to the loading area! My mom had Vincent in a cart and I had Luke in mine, our carts were both pretty full but its hard to gage how big the boxes will be for the furniture in the loading area. Well we get Vincents table and chairs (Which ROCK my socks off by the way) and Luke decides it is crying time...

Just as I start to see the light at the end of the tunnel of the Ikea trip being over he cranks it up into high gear. So I take him out the car seat and hold him, all the while trying to navigate my heavy cart to the next boxes we need to load. Well we get there and I have my mom hold Luke while I try to lift the box...IT WOULD NOT BUDGE! So here I am dripping sweat trying to move the box and Luke is screaming and Vincent is now wanting to get out of the cart! 

I grab Luke and go to look for help, I am sure everyone at this point is feeling scary for us and cringing at the sight of our mess! I found a worker who seemed to be more annoyed with the fact that I was asking for help...HELLO that is your job! She directs me to one of the guys down a few aisles to have him lift the item and also to get another cart (flatbed one) And now that would be a total of 3 CARTS. Well he was a complete jerk and acted annoyed as well...ONCE AGAIN it is his job to help people load the items! Well as soon as he put the boxes on the cart he left, didn't ask if we needed any help maybe getting to the register or if we needed another item (which we did). So I dart to the other 2 aisles we needed and of course the items had to be at the end of the aisle, here I am pushing the 2 heavy boxes down the aisles panting and I finally get to the one item, I go to lift it being that I did not want to ask for help since they were rude...and once again it would not budge! So I said screw it!!

I went back to my mom who was left with the two boys and other 2 carts, and we make our way to the check out! Luke HAD to be held and so I held him and navigated my cart to the checkout, following behind was my mom with a normal cart and a flat bed cart! We were both sweating and had to have looked a little frazzled. They had 1 checkout open unless we wanted to self checkout...NO THANKS! 

We finally get there and thankfully the lady at the checkout was nice, she scanned the items with her wand so we did not have to take them all out. I ran out to get the car and met my mom at the loading docks, we start loading everything and it was looking pretty good until the box with the table...we go to lift it(seriously heaviest box ever) and slowly get it wedged up to the would not fit! Our SUV was not big enough! So then we had to lug it back to the cart, and take it inside to have it shipped!  If we would have known we totally could have skipped a lot of hard work, I guess that is what I get for not measuring the box with the handy measuring tape they have! But I had a screaming baby to keep me occupied! Needless to say the trip ended horribly but we got a lot of great stuff. LOL

 Look how cute the table looks in the playroom! LOVE IT! 

 Seeing Vincent love his table makes all my hatred for the store go away!

 I will be back Ikea...and I will prepare better :)

By the way...HOW IS CHRISTMAS IN 9 DAYS!! Ah...we are finally getting our tree tomorrow! I have tons of holiday recipes coming too! We consumed a whole batch of scotcheroos in 2 days! Until next time...xoxo


  1. I LOVE your blog!! I found you on MBC and I think we may be mommy blog soulmates haha. I met my husband in July '08, fell madly in love, and we were married August '09. Baby Gemma came the same day as your Luke! (Her birth story is on my blog). How crazy! haha

    Anyway, I could not agree more about IKEA! Love it. Hate it. And what is UP with store employees giving us attitudes when we ask for help? That. Is. Their. Job!

  2. wow~! i wish my kids had a playroom that looked like that! I found you on the mom bloggers club and i am your newest follower. i would love a follow back at

  3. The playroom looks great! I am amazed that you were able to get a room to look complete so fast! We're unpacking but nothing looks that put together yet. Did you get that storage thing with the baskets at IKEA too? I'd love to get one for Abby's playroom.