Flashback Friday

I have decided to take Fridays to flashback to a moment in my past. To ask maybe what in the world was I thinking? or just to reminisce on a fun time! I love looking back at old pictures of silly things I did with my friends! Its a good way to stay grounded and remember who I am and my journey to where I am now. 

Why, Hello Senior Week:

Oh the week of just me and my high school friends without a care in the world! You may wonder who the random guy is...no he is not someone that we liked or anything like that! He was the guy who pierced us! I still remember my friend Heidi turning completely WHITE when she got her nose pierced! It was a crazy experience but I know we thought we were all the cat's meow after it! That's right I came back from senior week with a small hole in my nose! I was so nervous that my parents would kill me, but they didn't really even notice, since the diamond was so tiny, it looked like a fleck of glitter, and they were so used to glitter from my cheerleading competition days. The nose ring phase was short lived as my college cheerleading coach quickly banned any piercings, I mean I guess my tiny speck of glitter nose ring could have gotten caught on my partner when he was tossing me in the air right? lol Doubtful. But none the less, nose ring or nose ring it was still a experience with my friends that I will never forget! The adrenaline pumping of "Oh my gosh I am 18 and my parents do not know until we get home" was very exciting for a small town group of girls having a ball at the beach with no cares in the world! 

By the way, trucker hats were totally cool then as well :)

It is still insane to me now with how anal and anxiety filled I am that I was once so calm and careless! lol I hope to return to the calm state soon, maybe that is the only downside of motherhood, I am now doomed to a life of worrying! Day by day I am getting more relaxed and realizing that life can be as calm and careless as it once was, I just need to let it be!

Do you mother's out there have any secrets to relaxing?

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  1. I feel a LOT more laid back with Millie than I was with Hudson. Oh and I got the belly ring when I turned 18 then the nose, ears, tongue etc in college. I guess it's a phase we go through. I only have my helix (ear) one left.

  2. Tera- I agree I have toned it down a lot this time, I am not so nervous, it is nice!! lol I wonder how I will be for #3 haha~!

  3. ok so i know you didnt graduate from orrville and left us soon after jr. high but i know there are some good stories to share. when i think of going to your house a million times after school all i think of is sammy sosa salsa, peppermint candycane ice cream, some kind of sourcream ranch crackers, haha we loved to eat!

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