Free German Shepherd....

Does anyone want a German Shepherd...

Totally joking but I may kill him if he does NOT STOP pooping on the floor in our new house! He was completely house broken and since we moved has pooped almost 6 times and also peep on the carpet! Last night he pooped on the new rug in the playroom and today he pooped in the middle of the nursery. Its not just small piles of poop either, he is a large dog and so is his poo! I pray that he stops this crap soon (no pun intended) 

I want our well trained Vern pup back!! Hopefully he will change his ways soon!! lol We want to breed him and keep one of the puppies but when this stuff occurs it makes me not want another! AHHHH....I love our dog but sometimes he really gets my temper flaring!! 


  1. That's why our dogs are strictly outside dogs! Lol. I would be going insane if I had to deal with poo all over the place! Hope he stops his out of control crapping soon!

  2. He did not have one accident here at our house. He probably misses his old house and his fenced in back yard. Poor Verner. Maybe he just needs to stay outside longer, he is probably afraid of the shock collar.

  3. Oh no! That is so frustrating! Our dog blessed our new home too (although I expected nothing else). So now he has to stay in the room we are in or in the bathroom while we are gone. I'm sure your well trained dog will be back soon!