It's beginning...

to look a lot like Christmas! Yes...I know we are so behind on all this! I cannot believe Christmas is in 5 days! What is going on, the time has flown by so insanely quick! I guess that is what happens when you are busy packing then moving 2 weeks before Christmas and then finally getting somewhat settled into your new house! Ahhhh! The good news is that we finally got a tree on Friday and my oh my is she LARGE...We did not have time to decorate it until yesterday as we had tons of fun stuff happening (Zoo lights and a Christmas party), but here she is in all her glory....

She fell down when we were at our Christmas Party Saturday so I am hoping that does not happen again!!

Here was some pics before she looked pretty!! :)

Thank God we had her cut, she almost didn't fit!

Well Vincent just woke up... time to stop blogging! Until next time...xoxo


  1. Wow, One word for the tree, GLORIOUS!

  2. That is a HUUUUUUUGE tree! Very nice!

  3. Oh my I want to see more pics of your place. It looks beautiful!

  4. I love your real christmas tree!!!

  5. New follower! :) I love your Christmas tree! Adorable! I hope she doesn't fall again either! :)