Merry Christmas...a few days late!

I am FINALLY posting pictures from our Christmas, since we did not just have one day of Christmas, our spanned from Christmas Eve (Friday) all the way to Monday! That is right 4 days of gifts and family, I guess that is what you get when both of your parents are divorced, but all I see it as is more quality time to spend with each set of our parents! The boys got a ton of stuff! Which is kind of funny because we bought them NO GIFTS lol! Okay, okay that may seem a little harsh but really they have NO CLUE what is going on yet to appreciate and understand gifts, plus we buy them things as they need them throughout the year and as I said earlier they had 4 days of presents, so it worked out nice for us and for them to not get TOO much stuff!

Okay I lied, we got them one thing...a bounce house for the toy room. The funny thing is we bought it last April for Vincent's birthday but never put it up since we had the house for sale and were moving, so that counts as a gift right! :)

 I really have NO clue what they will need for their birthdays seeing as they have EVERYTHING little boys could ever want! We purged the toy room before we added the new toys and got rid of things they did not play with to donate. Anyways enough about toys. 

We had a great holiday filled with LOTS of food and family time! I loved every minute of it! That is truly the best part of the holidays is getting to relax and spend time with our families! Ah, if only everyday were a holiday! 

Here are some pics from the festivities!! Enjoy 4 days worth of fun! :)

The only time Luke was quiet! haha

Jordans twin Alex loves doing this trick! :)

Uncle TJ making Luke HAPPY!! :)

Jordan and V before Mass

Vincent and I

V petting Luke lol!

Our Family


I guess bad kids go in Verner's cage

Luke and I opening gifts!

 Dinner @ our house... note the classy china...solo plates and cups!! SO MUCH EASIER for clean up!! :)

Me and the boys

Praying the rosary for night time prayers

MORE presents

Luke is telling me to back away from his toy! haha

Yoga in his new PJs!

The boys ending the night with one of the recordable books Jordan's mom made! They are the coolest!!

All in all we had an amazing holiday! I hope you all did as well!!

One last picture of little Luke to send you off with...

Have a safe New Year's Eve tomorrow!! 

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  1. My mother-in-law got our girls one of those recordable's so cool! Cute pic of the four of you by the way!

  2. I can't get over Luke's rolls! Oh my roly can you stand not squishing him all day long?