Parents need a night out too!

Over the holiday weekend we had a night out with friends, well kind of, Luke came along for the fun while Vincent stayed with Grandma and Grandpa, since I breastfeed and Luke refuses a bottle it's not fair to leave him with my parents lol But my friends mom came and loved holding Luke so it was a bonus! We went to a local winery and had wine and pizza! It was perfect, I was so excited to finally have a glass of wine and let me tell you it tasted AMAZING! I found my new favorite wine at this winery, so we bought a bottle to go home as well! 

My Best friend Becky and I

Becky and Tony

Jordan and I

The huge wine barrel, Beckys step-dad actually was the one who found it!

Luke loved Becky's mom and step-dad! 

I love getting to spend time with friends and family, it was a good thing we left Vincent behind because he was so exhausted from traveling that he was practically begging my parents to go to sleep lol! He usually puts up a fight when sleeping away from home but that night he went right down! 

Thanks for the fun night guys! xoxo

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  1. I Love Love Love going to the wineries. Looks like a ton of fun. And yes every couple needs a night out. Hope your holidays are gearing up to be fantastic!