A peek into the kitchen...

All week the kitchen has been my go to place (Its my favorite place in the house)...I am on a baking frenzy! Today I am going to finish up on all the cookies for this weekend! I love LOVE love baking and making sweets...oh and eating them is also nice! Nice for the taste but not for my waist, oh well that is what New Years Resolutions are for right!??? Here is a few pics of the goodies being created!


Why not come up with random creations...pretzels with peanut butter...

It was clearly missing one thing..CHOCOLATE!:)

They are tasty little suckers!

Scotcheroos....these may be hands down my all time favorite dessert!

And no joke last night around 8ish I decided I felt the need to make my favorite fudge...
Killer Crack Peanut Butter Fudge

My cute little helper hiding...

By the way here is a little sneak peek of a few things I am coming up with to do on the side with my mother-in-law (Full House Creations COMING SOON)...

I will take tons more pictures of the treats happening in my kitchen before I take them to all our families for them to enjoy! Are you on a baking frenzy like me? If so whats your favorite treat? 

Off to make cookies!!! xoxo

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