Thanks Ikea....{NOT!}

A few weeks ago I had wrote a post about how annoyed I was with can find that post here. Well I emailed them and explained the situation and received an email back saying they forwarded the problem to the store I visited. A few days later I received a letter in the mail, usually stores will do a little something extra to keep their customers happy and coming back, well my letter stated how valuable of a customer I am and inside the envelope was 4 cards that were from them to apologize and to hopefully bring me back in so they could change my mind on their incompetence. 

The cards were for free desserts...okay I guess, I do like sweets. But they were for a free dessert WITH A PURCHASE OF AN ENTRÉE! lol 

So Ikea you are telling me you want me to drive an hour there to give you money for an entrée then you will give me a free dessert for all the trouble I encountered on my last visit...GEEE THANKS, what a great deal! I am pretty sure I can whip up a ton of desserts in the warmth of my own home for less than it costs to drive there and pay for an entrée! I actually wanted to send the letter and cards back but I decided that was way too much trouble for me, so I ripped it up and moved on with my day. {Shaking my head in disbelief}

Like I said last time, I would love to boycott Ikea, but their kids stuff is TOO darn cute!

 Oh well. It is what it is!

Until next time...xoxo

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  1. Oh snap, FREE desert but you have to pay for an entree?! That sounds CRAZY!

    Darn Ikea, it definitely is a love/hate relationship because I love their items in the store.. but coming home with them it's just a pain. lol

    I hope that it works out in the future with Ikea.

  2. Wow. What a joke! I swear, you can't find good customer service anywhere these days. It's pretty sad!

  3. Get out of town with that!! I like to write letters to companies, too, when I'm displeased with service and especially when I'm really impressed with the service. They always give me great stuff either way for my input.
    I've never had to write IKEA though, but now I know I never will if that's the best they can do! Sheesh. Not even a free order of Swedish meatballs?!

  4. I have heard of other complaints with Ikea. I do love how cute there stuff is and the prices.