It's been a week since last post!

Figured I should post since I haven't in awhile! I think it's been a week! It's been a busy week! Last Weds, we had our 8-week appointment with our midwife! She was happy to see us again! But everything went well! We have our first ultrasound on the 25th! I am excited to have the ultrasound just to know everything is going well and to see the heartbeat! Then things will start to get a little more real for me! As of now we do not want to know the sex! I wanted to know so badly with Vincent so I could decorate his nursery but he really didn't even use his nursery til he was about 7 months old! He was in our bedroom in his pack n' play til then so I figured it will not matter this time since I will have plenty of time to decorate once the baby comes! If it is a boy then we will really have nothing to do, which would be great! We will be moving Vincent to our guest bedroom for his big-boy room once the baby takes over the nursery! I have also decided that a few weeks before the baby comes I will go buy a few girl outfits just in case its a girl, then if it isn't I will just return the items! We have so many boy clothes it is insane! Vincent didn't even wear half of them so I am really hoping for another boy! Time will tell I guess, I just want him or her to be healthy!
Vincent decided he wanted to pop two teeth at once! He is getting another one up top so he will have two nice teeth up top and two on the bottom! I cannot wait til they are fully through! He hasn't been too fussy so that is nice! I will be sure to post pictures once they are fully through! I am so excited for his first birthday which is coming so soon! Only 3 months away! I ordered him a cute little "Birthday Boy" shirt for him to wear on his special day! I am still trying to decide on what cake to make him, some mom's are nervous about all the sugar but I think he is just going to play with it versus truly eating it! Last week he got his hands on an oreo and it was awesome! We took his shirt off bc it was so messy! He loved it! He had to get a bath after but it was the funniest thing, so I can only imagine what he will do to a cake!! :)
We had a pretty busy weekend, Saturday we cleaned and I did the grocery shopping, then Alex and Courtney came over with Gyro's which were very yummy and seriously the best chocolate silk pie ever! I am going to have to get one soon! I told Jordan that is all I want for my birthday is the pie and The Time Travelers Wife to watch!

lol Today, after Mass, we had brunch which was very good and then we went rock climbing! It was a really nice to climb today! Vincent was so funny he watched us all climb! It was too cute! I cannot wait til he is old enough to climb the kid's route! Now Harold is over and we are watching football, well they are, I am not so much! We are getting City BBQ so I am getting out of cooking which is nice! :)
Tomorrow is MLK Day but Jordan is still working but at least he has no class which is nice!! Only 8 more weeks until he is fully done! I cannot believe it! But the only thing that is up in the air is whether or not we will stay or move?! Whatever happens I know we will be happy and Jordan will be happy with his job! I would really miss my family but they have already said no matter where we go they will spend all their vacations where we are! So I will not have to worry about them! We will see what happens in a few months!
So last week we bought our Equinox, it was supposed to have OnStar and it did not, they have no clue why, and you cannot add OnStar, and we really wanted OnStar for winter, so they are in the process of finding us a new Equinox, we will see what happens! I really am happy with the one we have but I would feel better with OnStar considering one of the places Jordan is considering is in Minnesota! So that is why it is important for us! So we are just waiting to hear back from the dealership! Well I think that is all that has been eliciting this week! I will be sure to post again soon! Until then....

Today turned out to be a long day...

WOW, today is a long day, can't remember the last time I was up this late, lol I was asleep at 10:30 on New Years if that tells you anything! haha Well this morning Vincent and I slept in, he is such a good little snuggle bug when he wants to be! Jordan is the total opposite, sleeping in for him is seriously 7:30-8! I do not know how he does it! But he always falls asleep right when
his head hits the pillow! I wish I could do that! I am seriously awake for a good hour or maybe 2 just trying to wind down, my mind is constantly racing with just random thoughts and it always bites me in the butt because I need to sleep when Vincent is sleeping! And I also need to start napping when he does during the day to try to regain some energy! Anyways, we woke up about 10:30 and I got a shower which is truly my fave thing ever! I could stand in there for an hour! It is so peaceful and quiet and relaxing! But then we all got ready and headed over to test drive a few SUVs since we wanted to see how they did in the snow to help narrow the list down. We were planning to test drive as we still had our G6 till June on lease. Well we went to GMC to look at the Terrain...which I loved and so did Jordan when we actually got there! I would surely recommend it to anyone! So we took a few of them out and they did great in the snow! And the car is loaded with amazing features, plus it is super sexy! So our dealer was of course trying to get us to buy the car and we explained the lease we were in and he said they would buy it out from us, so we were like ya okay?! Thinking are you serious buddy? So we wanted to keep our car payments close to what they used to be and we were thinking of leasing again with the Terrain. Well he came back with tons of numbers and none of them were working it was going to be double what

we were paying for our really nice sedan. Then he informed us they had an Equinox which is one we were considering, and its pretty much the same as the Terrain, they are made off the same platform, so all the safety is the same, the only thing different is cosmetic. So we drove that and liked it and then they gave us a few more options with an Envoy or Trailblazer, but we liked the Equinox better for its AWD and appearance. We test drove it and she did GREAT in the snow...I was flooring it on snowy side streets and it did not budge one bit! I was very impressed! So to make a long story short they took our lease away from us and we walked away with the Equinox. We were literally there from 12-5! It was insane! We had went with the full mind-set of just test driving and we left with our new car! We are totally stoked to be out of the lease with no drama and we are in a much safer car for Vincent and I! It turned out to be a great day and the best part was Vincent was such a trooper through the whole thing! He didn't cry once! He did the whole 5 hours with a smile, I think he knew how safe he was going to be in the new car! lol It was so weird coming home in it...I do not think I will be used to it for awhile! I was so nervous to pull it into the garage, but she fits perfectly! It will be so nice to pick the kids up from school in! So now they will have room to breathe! And also for when we travel Verner will have the whole back end to lay down! He will be so excited! So all and all it was a very exciting afternoon and we are fully satisfied with our purchase! I am in love with her already!! :)
After all that excitment we jetted home to meet our friend Harold to watch the Jets game, He is from NY so he is a huge fan! So the boys watched football all night! We did get to go to City BBQ at half time which made me happy as I was starving from our afternoon at the dealer! Then Arielle came over around 8 to see us! I missed her tons so we just sat and had girl talk, which is truly so refreshing when most of the day I talk to Vincent haha! But it was so nice to see her and gossip about tv and stuff! So our easy going Saturday didn't end up happening till this evening! And now it is time to start relaxing and get to sleep! Tomorrow is going to be a chill day though, just Mass and then probably grocery shopping and cleaning a little! I love Sundays! Another good thing is Sunday is one step closer to my Monday night shows!!! :) haha! I hope everyone sleeps tight and has a great Sunday! xoxo

So glad the snow is slowing down....

I totally despise driving in the snow! Especially with the precious cargo in the backseat and in my belly, makes me very anxious when driving! Our car is pretty good in the snow but I am definitely looking forward to getting our SUV in June when the lease on Jordan's car is up! I will feel much safer in 4WD/AWD! So I am definitely looking forward to feeling safer in the snow and also for the sake that we will have 2 car seats in the car and also Verner when we travel, right now the poor dog is stuck in the back seat with Vincent, he will have the whole back on the SUV here soon! He will be a much happier puppy when we travel! We are actually going to go test drive this weekend! We have it narrowed down to 3 SUVs that we like. The Chevy Equinox, The GMC Terrain and the Mitsubishi Outlander, they all have amazing safety features and tons of room! I love the Terrain but it is super boxy around the wheels and Jordan thinks it looks ugly but I love it! He is hooked on the Equinox at the moment but we will see which one drives better and how the interiors are! So I am excited to take a few for a spin this weekend!
So the drive to get the kids today around 145 was pretty crappy! Took it nice and slow and it look maybe 40 mins, then on the way home I left around 420 and it was crazy out! I didn't get home til around 540! I usually hate taking the highway since people drive crazy, but Jordan thought it would be the best today so I took it and it was nice that everyone was going nice and slow, I think we went a max of 20ish! I was very happy with all the drivers, then I got off on one of the side streets and that's where people were being crazy. Thank God I wasn't on those roads for long! Vincent enjoyed a nice nap both to and from work! Which was great!
On the way home on the radio they were talking about the failed terrorist attack on that plane on Christmas Day and how they failed to catch the man ahead of time when there was all those red flags. I totally agree with airports having full body scans to better check passengers. I know people are concerned about the officials seeing their body shape or what not but come on! Those body scanners could save countless lives from terrorists! I would much rather someone see the outline of my body than some terrorist light up a bomb on my plane! I am all for it!
Anyways enough about that on to Vincent...the little man decided exactly at 2am to wake up last night! He was screaming on and off for an hour then fell back asleep! Poor little man! It is so hard not to go in and get him but if I do he will know that I will come rescue him whenever he cries in his crib, which is bad news! I am hoping tonight he sleeps better! We shall see! He has been blabbing like crazy lately, he has even spouted out "DA,DA!" But he only says it on his terms lol! We try to encourage him to say it again and he stares at us like we are crazy! It is so fun watching him learn and grow every single day! He is such a happy little boy!
Jordan doesn't have school tonight so he was home at normal time which was nice!! We got to play around with Verner and Vincent all night! But now we are ready to hit the sack! I checked the weather and it looks like the snow is pretty much over, finally! :) I am thinking we might have to take Vincent out in his baby sled that Aunt Jennifer got him this weekend! I will be sure to take pictures! I hope everyone has an amazing Friday! Good Night!

My first post!!

I have been wanting to start a blog for awhile to write all my thoughts and to get all my memories in one place so I figured now is a better time than any! If you didn't know already our family of 3 is soon going to be a family of 4 in August, well 5 if you count Verner! There were tons of things I wish I would have written down during Vincent's pregnancy so I figured it would be good to start my blog since I am only in week 7 of this pregnancy! Plus when you are pregnant you get pregnancy brain where you forget things left and right so it will be nice to have this to look back on!
Well today was tonight was pretty boring, Vincent and I just played around and caught up on the DVR! Jordan had class and got home around 1030, he is all done with week 1 of classes! Only 10 more left till he is officially finished with his MBA!! It will be so nice to have him home after work every night! I won't know what to do with myself, I don't think he will either! But we just ate a late dinner and he has a tiny bit of work to do and I am just going to finish up my first post! Vincent popped his third tooth yesterday so he has been a little cranky! Poor guy! Last night he woke up at like 230 and was very unhappy so he came into bed with us! Which was good for him but I cannot sleep with him in bed with us anymore! Which sucks because I used to love having him in bed with us! So I am crossing my fingers that he sleeps well tonight! He is sleeping like a angel at the moment so hopefully he holds up til Jordan leaves for work!
So far this pregnancy has drained me like crazy, I am sure it doesn't help that I am also breastfeeding still so I am literally having everything sucked from me from Vincent and also the little one! But I do not want to stop breastfeeding because it has made Vincent so healthy this past season! Hoping he continues to stay healthy and hoping this next little one is just as healthy as Vincent! I am praying that one I hit the second trimester that my energy comes back! I will let you know in 5 weeks! haha! Well I am going to cut this one short and get to bed! Have a great night and day tomorrow everyone! I will be sure to keep blogging to keep everyone up to date with our life and also to post pictures! :)